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Figma | Courses
Courses in Figma and Design Resources Section
Meng To | Courses
Create a Design System in Figma
A design system helps your team build modern products faster and more consistently. This is the starting point of bridging design and development.
Figma | Courses
Learn Design
Want to get started in design, but don’t know where to begin? These lessons and exercises will help you start designing immediately.
Thomas Lowry | Courses
Create a Compelling UX Portfolio
In product design, your portfolio is your secret weapon, helping you communicate your strengths, go after the work you want, and land your next role.
SuperHi | Courses
Intro to User Experience Design
This user experience design short course will teach you the best practices you need to create effective, intuitive experiences for people.
Designlab | Courses
Figma 101 Email Course
This Figma course by Designlab is broken up into daily lessons and activities for you to master Figma's core features in one week.
Figma | Courses
Getting Started - Figma end-to-end
In this end-to-end video we'll show you everything you need to know about setting up your account, creating a team, designing and collaborating with colleagues, prototyping, and handing off your work to your development team.
Syed Raza, Qasim Shah, and Syed Ali | Courses
The Complete Figma UX/UI App Design Course For Beginners
Learn how to design engaging mobile app, website with Figma for UI/UX designer tool. All hands with real world projects
Gary Simon | Courses
Figma Tutorial - A Free UI Design/Prototyping Tool. It's awesome.
In this tutorial, Gary Simon creates a mobile layout while discovering many of its features.
Caleb Kingston | Courses
Learn Figma - UI/UX Design Essential Training
Learn how to design a beautiful and engaging mobile app with Figma. Learn-by-doing approach.
Nick Pettit | Courses
Prototyping with Figma
A Nick Pettit course
Learn UX | Courses
Learn UX: Figma Course
This course focuses on the design of a few practical examples of interfaces made with Figma. Discover the potential of vector tools, frames, and more!
Scott Tolinski | Courses
Mastering Figma
Become a master of the most exciting new UX & UI design app. Figma will change the way you design, collaborate and develop forever.
Brian Wood | Courses
Figma for UX Design 2017
Discover how to use Figma, an online UX design and collaboration tool, for projects you create or projects distributed across a team.
Meg Robichaud | Courses
Iconic: Meg Robichaud
Iconic is a video series about a challenge issued by Figma to some our favorite designers. In this edition: Meg Robichaud!
Ryan Putnam | Courses
Iconic: Ryan Putnam
Iconic is a video series about a challenge issued by Figma to some our favorite designers. In this edition: Ryan Putnam!
Figma | Courses
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