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Intro to User Experience Design

SuperHi, Online code school
Learn Design with SuperHi

Interested in UX design but not sure where to start? This user experience design short course will teach you the best practices you need to create effective, intuitive experiences for people.

SuperHi will cover all the bases of an iterative UX design process including user research, wireframing, prototyping, UI design, and user testing. Learn how to think like a UX designer and confidently work on projects for yourself and clients.

This $149 course includes:

  • What goes into a UX design process + how it differs from a traditional graphic design process
  • How to conduct user testing with real people, get feedback and make informed design decisions
  • How to conduct user testing and turning feedback into insight to inform design decisions
  • Popular research methods and how to turn insights into personas, user journeys, site maps, and user flows
  • How to create wireframes and prototypes to handoff to clients and stakeholders
  • Going from wireframes to design, and creating consistent, effective designs

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