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Figma | Extensions & APIs
API & Extensions
Speed up your workflow with pre-built Figma assets like UI kits, icons and component libraries
Maze | Extensions & APIs
Maze + Figma integration
Maze is a user testing platform that turns your prototype into actionable insights from real users, bringing confidence to the design process.
Zeroheight | Extensions & APIs
Zeroheight for Figma
Zeroheight lets you easily create living style guides and keep all your design system documentation in one place.
Braden Kowitz | Extensions & APIs
Figma to Range Sync
Quickly share your design work in Figma cross-functionally with your team in Range.
Shuying Lin | Extensions & APIs
A CLI tool makes your Figma and local design token stay in sync
Pocka | Extensions & APIs
Storybook Figma Addon
An addon for Storybook to enable Figma embeds.
Alyssa X | Extensions & APIs
Figma Platformer Engine
Design and build a platformer video game in Figma without writing any code.
Artboard Studio | Extensions & APIs
Artboard Studio
An online mockup tool to help you quickly create device mockups directly from Figma.
Alyssa X | Extensions & APIs
Figma to Google Slides
Turn Figma frames into a Google Slides presentation.
Avocode | Extensions & APIs
Avocode + Figma Integration
Import Figma design frames into Avocode
Jan Six | Extensions & APIs
Figma Assets Generator
Creates assets from a Figma document and places them locally in a folder.
Jon Rohan | Extensions & APIs
Alfred Figma Workflow
An Alfred workflow that shortcuts users to Figma projects and files
Figma-team | Extensions & APIs
Zeplin Integration
Connect your Figma files, and export assets automatically to Zeplin
Josh Dunsterville | Extensions & APIs
Open Figma
A Mac menubar app that opens Figma links in the Desktop App
Figma-team | Extensions & APIs
Dribbble Integration
Transfer your frames directly from Figma into Dribbble
Figma-team | Extensions & APIs
Principle Integration
Animate your Figma designs with our Principle integration
Joel Bohórquez | Extensions & APIs
Figma SCSS
Output your color and text styles and into SCSS variables and mixins.
Liam Martens | Extensions & APIs
Passport Figma
Passport strategy for authenticating with Figma using the OAuth 2.0 API.
Pagedraw | Extensions & APIs
The best UI builder for the web
Sensive | Extensions & APIs
Design collaboration for everyone: Share, present, and document your ideas as you go
Relay | Extensions & APIs
Relay for Figma
Relay pushes your latest assets from Figma directly to your codebase.