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3Reducing Complexity

This login screen could be an overwhelming amount of information for a customer. See if you can simplify and redesign this experience by removing elements, editing the text to be shorter or more valuable, or breaking it into multiple screens for your customer to experience over more steps. Choose some new colors, shapes, and more accessible language to make this a better experience for a bank's customers.

Challenge yourself and take it a step further: once you’ve simplified and redesigned this screen, create a login screen for a product of your own. If you've completed the Design Brief or Storyboard exercises, base your new login screen off of the ideas you created in them.

Finished the exercise and looking for a little feedback? There are a lot of communities online to get design work critiqued, like Behance, Dribbble, and Figma Africa. There is also a Figma user community,, which includes a channel dedicated to giving and getting feedback on design work,

Read more about getting and giving feedback in the first Design Exercise: Design Brief and Mood Board.


Don’t worry about getting simplicity right every time, especially as you are applying fundamental concepts to your new product. Creating something simple is not always easy, and simple itself can be hard to define and measure.

Some things can never be made simple.

John Maeda
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