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Welcome to Figma Resources

Welcome to our collection of community-created Figma Resources. Here you can find many resources to help you learn Figma, level up your design skills, and implement best practices, in addition to a wide range of assets and resources built on the Figma API to speed up your workflow. Our collection is divided into four main categories:


Tutorials, guides and content to help you improve your designs and go from a beginner to advanced user in Figma

Best Practices and Guides

Guides and articles to help you adopt Figma, as well as many tips and best practices around setting up and organizing your design system in Figma.


Looking to speed up your workflows with design systems, UI kits, icon sets and other component libraries in Figma? This is the place where you can find all sorts of free and premium resources.

API and Extensions

Looking to build something on the Figma API, or looking for extensibility to automate your workflow. Our community has started building some amazing services and open-source projects!

If you would like to submit a resource to our collection, please use the form below:

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