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Up your Instagram game and impress your followers with beautifully designed Instagram posts.

Instagram post creator

Take your instagram feed to the next level with our beautifully design instagram templates. Make your designs stand out with the perfect amount of fonts, layouts and features. Look like a pro — no design experience required.

Instagram Photo Size

Figma has all of the Instagram sizes conveniently saved as pre-configured frames so you never have to Google Instagram dimensions again. Take the guesswork out of figuring out dimensions with our social size guide.

Instagram templates

Figma has an Instagram post template for every style. Whether you need something with graphic design elements, something that shows off a product, or something that simply helps you differentiate yourself from the crowd, Figma has you covered.

Instagram story template

Instagram stories have become hugely popular for brands and users alike. With Figma, you can test stories with GIFs and images in multiple layouts. Create your own or discover some visually stunning Instagram stories from our community.

Instagram ads

With Figma, you can create Instagram ads that are visually engaging but also deliver ROI and engagement. Use our templates to easily create catchy ads, quickly and easily.

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Use Figma’s premade instagram templates to make your posts stand out. Easily customize them, add graphics, text, and change colors all in your browser, for free.

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These Instagram posts are built with Figma, a free design tool used by top design teams like Uber, Square, and Microsoft.

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To share a file with anyone, just share a link. The file will open in the browser, ready for collaboration.

No installation required

Figma lives inside the browser which means there is nothing to install. Jump straight into the file and get to work.

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Explore even more templates, widgets, and plugins—all built by the Figma community.

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