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Whether it’s an art school application, your dream interview, a business pitch, or more, FigJam’s portfolio sample design templates help you hit all the right notes.

example of a resume layoutexample of a resume layout

Portfolio template

Perfect your portfolio with a customizable template and shine a spotlight on your skills with a custom portfolio theme.

Stay in tune with new opportunities

Whether you’re overhauling your portfolio or fine-tuning the details within the layout, FigJam’s portfolio samples help you show off your best work in an easy-to-share format.

Dazzle potential collaborators: Create a visual proof of concept and watch the contracts come rolling in.

Find the perfect match: Describe your skills as a creative professional in detail so you can find opportunities that match your creative style and vision.

Play the highlight reel: Build trust with prospective employers and potential clients by showcasing past professional accomplishments on your online portfolio.

resume on an orange background with a blue thumbs up emojiresume on an orange background with a blue thumbs up emoji
resume marked up with sticky notes and doodlesresume marked up with sticky notes and doodles

Create some buzz together

To craft an ovation-worthy personal portfolio, bring your co-stars into the mix. Show off your skillset with our Loom Embed and Linker, iterate stylistic choices through Lil Notes, and set a supportive tone with high-fives and emotes. With FigJam’s interactive portfolio template design, it’s never curtains on collaboration.


Whether you’re pitching a client, meeting an interviewer, or applying for an educational program, you’ll want to provide a top-notchcreative portfolio that showcases your unique work. A portfolio is a compilation of your past work, bringing together your skills, experience, and creative vision. Consider them a must-have for any creative role.

While portfolios in various fields may look different, such as one made using a graphic design portfolio template, they almost always contain a short introduction and an array of past projects. A portfolio example for a graphic designer may include brand guides, newsletter designs, logo illustrations, and more.

To make a portfolio, start with a professional portfolio template and craft an introduction to who you are. You might want to customize your sample portfolio layout to include a headshot, a one-sentence “about me” blurb, a list of relevant skills, and a brief section that covers education and experience.

Next, add visual elements that show off your creative skills. Maintain a coherent theme throughout your portfolio content so that separate pages appear as parts of a larger story.

Ready to tackle your portfolio? Turn to our customizable example of portfolio components. We provide a tried-and-true template for portfolio success, designed to highlight your work and skillset.

A strong portfolio functions as a proof of concept, showcasing your work and helping you stand out from the competition. It also serves to illuminate your talking points—serving as a visual reference that helps explain your creative process.

If you’re wondering how to make good portfolio templates, pay special attention to organization and audience. Include a variety of projects that showcase your different skill sets to a prospective client or creative agency. Choose your strongest, most distinctive work and tailor your compilation to the client or organization reviewing your samples.

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