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Whether it’s a business plan, class talk, or birthday toast, FigJam’s creative presentation templates help you craft compelling slides to power your presentation.

layered template slides for a presentationlayered template slides for a presentation

Presentation example

Ensure your upcoming talk goes swimmingly with a professional and effective presentation template that brings your audience on board.

Keep it crystal clear

Become an engaging speaker with a project presentation template that communicates your message powerfully and concisely.

Capture your audience: Keep your audience from drifting off with a striking visual focal point.

Tell a story: Share information with your audience in a logical, concise manner, making a lasting impression with engaging visuals.

Outline your talk: With a visual presentation as a roadmap, stay organized and cover all the important points.

three stacked template presentation slidesthree stacked template presentation slides
template chart slide for a presentation on a yellow backgroundtemplate chart slide for a presentation on a yellow background

No “sink or swim” attitudes here

A successful presentation is compiled with visual aids and collaborative features. There’s no need to go it alone at your next presentation - edit and refine your ideas together with our convenient cursor chats, open canvases, and various Community-built widgets. If you’ve been thrown into the deep end, at least you’re in it together with FigJam templates.


To plan a visual presentation, begin by considering the purpose. What is presentation supposed to show that you can’t communicate through speech alone? Then, find the images and aesthetics that suit your message.

You might want to begin by checking out one of our sample presentation templates for inspiration. From there, you can customize it to fit your ideas and talking points. Don’t know where to start? Think back to purpose. Choose a strategic presentation template to depict various SWOT or PEST analysis, or a more creative presentation template to take your audience on an immersive journey.

Want to create an engaging presentation? You might want to think about how to start a presentation that will capture your audience’s attention from the first moments. To add some levity, break the ice with a group game or trivia that can encourage bonding and creative thinking.

As your presentation unfolds, keep your audience engaged with images. Pictures being worth 1,000 words and all, consider using more visuals than text in your slides and throw in some pops of color, too.

How to end a presentation is also important. Keep the conversation going with open-ended prompt questions and leave a time for Q&A or comments. If you’re presenting in a larger venue, make sure to create a space where participants can easily voice their opinions.

Presentation decks engage your audience throughout a talk by providing a visual focal point that supports your message. As visual mediums that often contain key text and figures and can be distributed online post facto, presentations help your team and audience stay on the same page before, during, and after the keynote.

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