Outline your product’s trajectory with a product development roadmap

From example prototypes and user personas, to product development roadmaps that expand on your strategies and goals, FigJam has templates that can put your product on the road to success.

three columns of rectangles with labels at the topthree columns of rectangles with labels at the top

Product development roadmap template

Gather your team to brainstorm new product ideas and hammer out every little detail.

Solidify product goals, metrics, and strategies (oh my!)

Create a strategic product roadmap by starting with an end destination, then the landmarks you’ll pass and highways you’ll travel en route to your goal.

Plot your North Star: Determine what success looks like using the roadmap tool, so you’ll know exactly when you’ve made it there.

Collaborate with your team: Use the roadmap as an interactive tool to solicit input and feedback regarding how to move forward.

Switch up your carpool: Improve the product development process and outcomes by reorganizing team members based on unmet goals and viable strategies.

rectangle with yellow sticky notes and mouse cursors insiderectangle with yellow sticky notes and mouse cursors inside
product development roadmap with FigJam's collaboration toolsproduct development roadmap with FigJam's collaboration tools

Travel together on the road to success

Whether you’re creating a project strategy and roadmap for a brand new product or reviewing the next iteration of a current best-seller, use cursor chats and lil notes to spark a discussion and FigJam’s To Do widget to organize your upcoming tasks and achieve your business goals.

Create a roadmap that’s easy to follow. Then put the pedal to the metal.

Don’t just make a plan—establish measurable goals and actionable steps with the right product roadmap tools. Once you’ve got a plan in place, try FigJam’s other templates to keep the momentum going.


A product development roadmap example is a visual aid you can use to define a product’s functionality, intended users, quantifiable goals, and strategies for implementation and eventual success. Understand how you will work as a cross functional team and collaborate with internal stakeholders, a product leader, or the development team to reach the product goal. In the end, a product roadmap template reflects not only what you’re designing, but why, how, and for whom you’re building it.

Start building an outline with FigJam’s roadmap for product development. This customizable, sharable template provides a solid foundation to help you organize your product roadmap development, starting with the product’s name, goal, and metrics of success. Ask yourself what you’re hoping to accomplish with this product, and how you’ll know you’ve achieved that.

From there, you can delve even deeper into your product’s particulars by brainstorming and solidifying who the product is meant for and how you intend to address their needs through the overarching and advanced functionality of the product features, including individual details and specs. Click here to learn more about how to create a product development roadmap.

The first thing to jot down is your product’s name (easy, right?). From there, you’ll add the product goal (a little more nuanced). Maybe it’s to solve a major problem in the dental community or to facilitate connections between hybrid and remote employees. With this in mind, you can then jot down your metrics: how you’ll know you’ve met your goal—perhaps a number of satisfied customers (quantitative) or a marked improvement in workplace culture (qualitative).

You’ll also need to identify your target group, aka eventual product owners. This will allow you to fill in the next two boxes—big-picture strategy and product details—based on your understanding of your customer personas. For product details, jot down major and minor specifications that will help you meet your goal and satisfy your target customers. Finally, for strategy, include mock-ups, renderings, user journeys, and any other overarching information about your product in development.

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