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These props allow you to style the placeholder text in the Input component.

If any fields are undefined, then the values will be inherited from the props set (or the defaults) on the Input component. To ensure consistent styling, we don't allow any alignment-based properties on PlaceholderProps. For example, if you want to center-align the text, you should set horizontalAlignText on the Input component itself, and the placeholder will match this alignment automatically.

fontFamily?: string

The font family (e.g. "Inter"). The supported fonts are all the fonts in the Google Fonts library.

letterSpacing?: number | string

The spacing between the individual characters.

textDecoration?: 'none' | 'strikethrough' | 'underline'

Whether the text is underlined or has a strikethrough.

fontSize?: number

The size of the font. Has minimum value of 1.

italic?: boolean

Whether or not to italicize the text content.

textCase?: 'upper' | 'lower' | 'title' | 'original' | 'small-caps' | 'small-caps-forced'

Overrides the case of the raw characters in the text node.

fontWeight?: FontWeight

The font weight eg. 400, 500 or 'medium', 'bold'.

fill?: HexCode | Color | Paint | (SolidPaint | GradientPaint)[]

The paints used to fill in the text.

blendMode?: BlendMode

The blendMode of the component.

opacity?: number

The opacity of the component.

effect?: Effect | Effect[]

The effect of the component.