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These props allow you to style the placeholder text in the Input component.

fontFamily?: string

The font family (e.g. "Inter"). The supported fonts are all the fonts in the Google Fonts library.

letterSpacing?: number

The spacing between the individual characters.

textDecoration?: 'none' | 'strikethrough' | 'underline'

Whether the text is underlined or has a strikethrough.

fontSize?: number

The size of the font. Has minimum value of 1.

italic?: boolean

Whether or not to italicize the text content.

textCase?: 'upper' | 'lower' | 'title' | 'original' | 'small-caps' | 'small-caps-forced'

Overrides the case of the raw characters in the text node.

fontWeight?: FontWeight

The font weight eg. 400, 500 or 'medium', 'bold'.

fill?: HexCode | Color | Paint | (SolidPaint | GradientPaint)[]

The paints used to fill in the text.

blendMode?: BlendMode

The blendMode of the component.

opacity?: number

The opacity of the component.

effect?: Effect | Effect[]

The effect of the component.