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What's Supported

We’re actively listening to and prioritizing feedback so this list may change. Currently here is what we plan to support in the API in the short & medium term.

Currently Supported

  • ✅ Defining what a widget looks like
  • ✅ Setting widget state via useSyncedState and useSyncedMap
  • onClick events on widgets
  • <Input /> component for text editing
  • ✅ Adding hover states to nodes in a widget via the hoverStyle prop
  • ✅ Text, icon, and selector property menu buttons
  • ✅ Using the Plugin API inside event handlers and usePropertyMenu
  • ✅ Opening iframes and making network requests
  • ✅ useEffect Hook
  • ✅ Keep-Alive API to allow for long running useEffect callbacks
  • ✅ Cursor changes when hovering over clickable areas of the widget
  • ✅ Cloning widgets with custom state
  • ✅ Widgets sticking to other objects via useStickable
  • ✅ Widgets running code when stamps and other stickables are stuck to them via useStickableHost
  • ✅ Widget publishing

Future Extensions

  • 🗄️ More inline menu button types (eg. Toggles)
  • 🗄️ Local states for widgets


  • ❌ Nesting component instances inside widgets
  • ❌ Nesting stickies, shapes, or connectors inside widgets