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Working with Lists

In some cases, you might want to render a list of values. For example, you might have a list of user photo urls that you want to render.

A common pattern to achieve this in JSX is to use a map as follows:

Rendering a list with map()
const { widget } = figma
const { AutoLayout, Image } = widget

const userPhotoUrls = [

function ListExample() {
return (
{ => {
return <Image key={url} src={url} />


You might notice that we’ve also specified a key prop on each image! This works very much in the same way as the key prop in React and it used as a hint to help us identify which items have changed/ been added/removed across re-renders to improve the performance of re-rendering these items!


⚠️ We’ll warn against missing key props in the console whenever we detect lists of children without specified keys. You can fix these warnings by giving each element inside an array a key!