Wireframe Tool

A Free, Online Wireframe Tool

Wireframing has never been easier. With Figma, it is easy to visually communicate your idea.
Create your wireframes quickly and easily with intuitive features.
Leverage components to accelerate your workflow and ensure consistency.
Make your wireframes interactive with prototype mode.
A Free, Online Wireframe Tool

Quick, Frequent Collaboration

A tool to easily share wireframes and collect feedback in real-time or async.
Share the wireframe with anyone via a single, live URL that works on any platform.
Iterate effectively and efficiently by getting everyone’s feedback directly in the file.
Easily keep everyone up to date on the latest wireframe.
Quick, Frequent Collaboration

Transform Your Workflow

With Figma your wireframing tool can also be your design tool all the way through to handoff.
Stay in the flow by ideating, creating and collaborating in one end-to-end tool.
Easily convert wireframe grayscale basic shapes to detailed designed components.
Reduce friction and save time by eliminating multiple tools.
Transform Your Workflow

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