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Free best-in-class tools for the classroom

Figma and FigJam are design and collaboration software used by professional designers, engineers, and makers of all kinds. Use them to ideate, create, and share work—all free, as a student or teacher.

Cursors interacting with an illustrationCursors interacting with an illustration

Tools for the classroom

Semester planning calendar using FigJamSemester planning calendar using FigJam

Explore ideas together with FigJam

FigJam is an online whiteboard where possibilities turn into plans. Teachers can facilitate collaborative group learning while encouraging active participation from students. It’s best suited for classroom discussions, brainstorms, and group work.

Designing a mobile app for Chess Club with FigmaDesigning a mobile app for Chess Club with Figma

Bring ideas to life with Figma

Figma is a multiplayer, intuitive design tool used by professionals. Create graphics, presentations, prototypes, and more—all with real-time collaboration and feedback. Figma and FigJam live side by side so that students can turn their ideas into reality, faster.

New-school features for every grade level

Using sticky notes and reactions in FigJam Using sticky notes and reactions in FigJam

Level up lessons

Brainstorm group ideas with your class using sticky notes, stamps, images, videos, and more.

Voting on a sticky note using stickers and icons in FigJamVoting on a sticky note using stickers and icons in FigJam

Share with the class

Encourage a new way for students to collaborate in real time with audio chat, cursor chat, voting, and comments.

Using Figma to mockup multiple button styles with spacingUsing Figma to mockup multiple button styles with spacing

Make it real

Mock up website assets, build interactive prototypes to present ideas, and curate a portfolio of work.

Example of Figma Community fileExample of Figma Community file

Learn from the pros

Learn from other designers and download readymade templates, widgets, and more —all from Figma's Community.

Start using Figma with your class

Step 1Step 1

1. Create an account

Use your student or teacher email address to sign up for Figma here.

Step 2Step 2

2. Get verified

Once you’ve created your Figma account, verify that you are a student or educator by clicking here.

Step 3Step 3

3. Set up your education team

Create, upgrade, or join an existing team to start collaborating and get access to all professional paid tools.

Bring Figma and FigJam to your entire school district

Figma and Google are teaming up to help students transform ideas into reality by bringing Figma and FigJam to Chromebooks in the US—for free.

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Improve your Figma skills and connect with other educators and students