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Plan your next big marketing campaign from research to design with free these free marketing templates.

Figma marketing templatesFigma marketing templates
Instagram template

Impress your followers with beautifully designed Instagram posts

Growth experiment template

Put your growth strategy to the test.

Customer journey map template

Sketch out your UX and discover new channels for reaching great customers.

User persona template

Gain a new understanding of your target audience's needs and attributes.

Go to market strategy template

Break down every element of your launch strategy.

Social media planner template

Sink your teeth into some serious social media standing.

Cost benefit analysis template

Analyze the value and investment at every level of problem-solving.

Perceptual map

Get a better grasp of how your brand fits in a market with perceptual maps.

Story mapping template

Design a compelling narrative for any use case, simply and step by step.

Website flowchart template

Lay out the traffic patterns of your website ahead of time.

Marketing mix template

Make sure your next launch hits all the right marketing targets.

IDIC model template

Boost the power of your CRM with a sales and customer-focused IDIC model.

Quick reference guide template

Create an org-wide cheat sheet.

Sandwich chart template

Cook up great content with this diagram for business and creative writing.

Likert scale template

Run efficient research sessions with your team.

Pyramid template

Rearrange ideas and relationships to create a helpful hierarchy.

Content plan template

Perfectly plan your funnel to capture new customers and fans.

Brand personality framework template

Take your organization's identity from drab to fab.

REAN model template

Reach, engage, activate, and nurture your users like never before.

Pain point template

Turn consumer pains into progress with a matrix the whole team can use.

Bang for buck template

Turn your pros and cons list into a graph to compare strategies at a glance.

ADKAR change model template

Easily implement change across an organization.

Research plan example

Generate logical, useful research queries for your users.

Product comparison template

See how your products stack up against each other—or competitors.

Use case mapping template

Connect the dots between user personas and UX with this use case template.

Content modelling template

Decide how and when to use (or resuse!) your content for great performance.

Consumer trend canvas model

Expand on your context map with a comprehensive look towards shifting trends.

Target audience planning template

Identify your main consumers for an infallible business strategy.

Fit gap analysis template

Locate gaps in your business's functionality for overall improvement.

Company fact sheet template

Maintain a shared conception of your organization.

Jobs to be done template

Nail down the right next step.

Social network diagram template

Figure out—and visualize—important connections in your network or audience.

Voice of the customer template

Turn customer comments into actionable steps, insights, and new goals.

Marketing funnel diagram template

Map out the overall customer journey before improving each step.

Porter's 5 forces template

Combine an understanding of user needs with other market forces.

Future headlines planning template

Unpack your goals and daydream up headlines with this strategic chart.

Facebook ad creator

Design Facebook ads too beautiful for your customers to ignore

Newsletter template

Keep your stakeholders and project-management leads up to date with style.

Customer journey map template

Visualize how your customers experience your product, from point A to point B.

Context map canvas

Visualize outside forces that influence your project with this handy map.

Vision mission strategy pyramid template

Get teams aligned on a mission, vision, and strategy for business success.

Card sorting template

Give your website architecture a renovation with this template for upgrades.

Feature market template

Take a competitive edge by finding your market fit.

Plot structure diagram

Prep a perfect pitch or write a great novel with a versatile diagram.

Hero's journey planning template

Chart a course through challenges in search of the ultimate reward.

Feedback grid template

Incorporate real comments and concerns into your problem-solving process.

Empathy map template

Keep track of user behavior and attitudes with an empathy map diagram.

Sitemap generator

Plan out your website architecture, content and users flows

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