Figma educator demos

As this semester speeds ahead and winter break is on the horizon, the Figma for Education team is hosting four more livestreams for educators in 2021—we hope you’ll join us! If you’ve participated in one of our demos before, consider joining us for fresh new content, tips and feature updates.

Upcoming events

Prototyping and interactive components in Figma

Want to brush up your Figma design skills? This demo is for educators and edtech specialists who want to better understand how to prototype with Figma and learn some of the new ways to teach principles of interaction design and animation. We’ll also cover some tips on creating more engaging presentations.


Using FigJam to build community in your classroom

Curious about our new tool FigJam but have never tried it? This demo focuses on best practices for using FigJam in education and will help you learn how to take advantage of FigJam’s newest features like widgets and plugins and open sessions for your classroom.


Prep your Figma experience for next semester

Figma and FigJam are great tools for teaching design, creative thinking, and facilitating collaborative activities. Join this livestream to learn about how to set up your free Education Teams for next semester, and get organized with Figma for your first day of class. You will also have the chance to ask questions with our team of Education experts.


Have fun with FigJam in your classroom

Have some fun as your semester wraps up with FigJam! This demo focuses on the most delightful, fun and engaging features in FigJam and shares ideas of how you can uses these to inspire deeper learning in your class. Not to mention, your students will have a blast using it!


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