UX Design Tool
Form the experience together

Go from idea to product faster by collaborating in a single, free, web-based design tool.

Inclusive by design

A UX design tool that allows the entire team to see and interact with the latest designs by accessing a single, live URL.

Be on the same page

Develop a shared understanding with your whole team around the experience you are creating for your users.

Real-time collaboration

Work in the same file at the same time without worrying about versioning or overriding each other’s work.

Contextual feedback

Drop comments directly on designs or prototypes to provide and recieve instant feedback, in context.

Open and collaborative

By including the whole team, you can get to better outcomes faster.

Engineers can review files from any device, Product can share research, specs, and wires in a single frame, and Marketers and content designers can write and edit directly in the file.

Team Libraries

Create design systems with linked UI components and styles your whole team can use across all of your projects.

Always up to date

Publish components to the team library for others to use.

Shareable across files

Anyone can insert shared components into team design files.

Change notifications

Get updates when changes are made to shared components.

Work on any platform

Figma is built for the browser — no installation or plugins required. Forget juggling multiple files, in Figma files are a link and are always in sync.

Empowering innovative brands

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