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Design Within Reach and BASIC® partner to create a tailored online shopping experience

“Internally, I’ve never seen so much positive feedback from all across the organization. I believe one of the reasons for this was the transparent process we ran. Along the way, I was able to easily share quick links to Figma prototypes with our CEO and other execs, so they were part of our journey.”

- Ishii-Eckhardt, Director of Digital Design

Figma removes silos within BT’s product squads to bring everyone on the same page

“With Figma, design hand-offs became easier, and we stopped having to move design files from tool to tool. We just designed, prototyped, and presented design work all from one place.”

- Matt Gottschalk, Head of Design Operations

BT 1046x1046
Driving design consistency at Uber

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Zoom streamlines the design workflow with Figma

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Square scales communication with design systems in Figma

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At Google, data about our design systems is helping us uncover new opportunities to evolve components on an ongoing basis.
Philippe Cao, Senior Visual Designer, Google

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