Suzanne LaBarre |
Leading a dream team: A manager’s guide to unlocking your team’s potential
A three-part series focused on the unique challenges (and opportunities!) people managers face today, along with tips and tricks on how to solve them.
Rebecca Ackermann |
Raising the (table) stakes on tables in FigJam
Using tables in FigJam to help you roadmap, plan, and run meetings more effectively.
Rogie King |
Creators need creators
New selling tools and the Figma Creator Fund will help fuel the love of craft that fuels Figma Community.
Carly Ayres |
Meet the maker: Marcin Wichary
We talk with people about what makes them a maker. Here, a design manager tells us about his latest project, a book covering 150 years of keyboard design.
Figma |
The future of design systems is automated
Plugins, widgets, and tooling — the second edition of our series on the future of design systems.
Dorothy Chen |
Behind the scenes: international keyboard shortcuts
“We were tasked with making Figma shortcuts friendlier to international keyboards, a charter that would take us on a twisty journey through the next year.”
Suzanne LaBarre |
Can design make work, work?
A three-part series focused on the unique challenges (and opportunities!) people managers face today, along with tips and tricks on how to solve them.
Ravi Lingineni |
How Pinterest’s design systems team measures adoption
The Gestalt team tells us how they used Figma’s REST API to create FigStats, a dashboard for visualizing component usage.
Figma |
The future of design systems is complicated
We talked to several industry experts about how they’re managing the future of design systems—from tooling to automation to accessibility.
Carly Ayres |
How Linear made the most of a DDoS
A conversation with the small, but mighty web team about why they made their Figma Design files their homepage and unintentionally threw the Figma party of the year.
Figma |
Figma Persona 2022: What’s your creative collaboration style?
Wrap up 2022 with some self-reflection and set creative intentions for the year ahead with Figma’s Persona Quiz.
Alia Fite |
How Magician uses Figma’s text review API
A conversation with Jordan Singer about using the API for AI-powered copywriting, and tips for navigating the intersection of product design and AI.
Yuhki Yamashita |
Welcome to the WIP
Chief Product Officer Yuhki Yamashita on how to embrace (and enjoy) endless iteration.
Sula Yang |
A conversation with Figma's accessibility team
Figma's accessibility team shares what they’ve learned from the community and their vision for what’s ahead.
Rebecca Ackermann |
Figma's feedback gift guide
We've pulled together a handy guide for giving and receiving great feedback.
Jacob Miller |
Taking cues from code
Schema keynote speaker and product manager Jacob Miller shares his thoughts on the state of design systems.
Amber Bravo |
The right jams for your jam
Music in FigJam will transform the way you work, one track at a time.
Darren Tsung |
Making multiplayer more reliable
Design has always been a team sport. These improvements make sure everyone is on the same page.
Greg Guthe |
Our approach to security at speed
Learn about how the Figma security team helps us ship products securely, without impacting the pace of development.
Max Burkhardt, Olabode Anise |
How we use data
Data is a vital component in how we improve Figma day by day. Learn more about what kind of data we use and how we use it.
Jackie Chui |
Behind the feature: find and replace
Designer Jackie Chui on the complexities of sorting logic, designing specialized UIs for Figma and FigJam, and why experimentation and intuition go hand in hand.