Figma year in review: 2018
It’s November, which means Figma is 2-ish years old. In our now annual tradition, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on where we’ve come and where we’re headed
Nominate photography for the 2018 Unsplash Awards
Unsplash is holding their second annual awards, recognizing the top contributions to the site. Submissions are open now.
Using constraints & “magic numbers” to build responsive layouts in Figma
Templates with responsive layouts played a key role in scaling our work. Here’s how we figured out the approach that worked for us in both Figma and React.
Creating atomic components in Figma
This post is a look at how we built an atomic design system in Figma.
Designers use Figma to bring Uber to the unbanked
“Figma is like a tidy bookshelf, where you can find exactly what you need, whenever you need it.”
Animate your Figma designs with our new Principle integration
Figma now integrates with the prototyping tool Principle, so you can easily build advanced animations of your Figma designs.
Google’s AR Design Guidelines suffice while Apple’s fall short
A vision for how they could evolve
Introducing Smart Selection
We'd like to help you speed up your explorations
Figma's New Finger Tips
How Doug Engelbart’s famous demo inspired a designer’s lifelong obsession with keyboard shortcuts
We made a mistake with our API Challenge, and we’re sorry
Over the last 24 hours, we’ve heard loud and clear from the designer community that the challenge comes across as “spec work.”
Introducing: Figma’s first API Challenge
Today we’re announcing our first Figma API Challenge — with $15K in prizes for the winners — to incentivize our community to create the best possible Figma to Sketch converter.
Team Libraries in Figma
oday, we’re excited to announce the beta release of Team Libraries for sharing components across projects.
Multiplayer, IRL
Earlier this year, we hit the road to meet Figma users in person at our Design System Meetups.
How Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent’s Design team leverages Figma’s API to empower designers
Each year, Microsoft hosts a company-wide hackathon called, OneWeek.
Aisle Rocket Studios, the agency behind Whirlpool, masters remote collaboration
Learn about how ARS runs 80% of the creative process in the browser.
Figma Feature Highlight: Component Overrides
Design systems must strike the right balance between flexibility and consistency.
Figma Feature Highlight: Sketch Import
Here at Figma we know news can get buried and release notes can go overlooked… no matter how many times you refresh Twitter.
The University of the Arts London’s Accidental Path to a Design System
“We immediately fell into issues trying to collaborate with our Sketch files — the problem was we were not able to work seamlessly on files together.”
The finale of Prototyping Week: Interactions
If you’ve been following along on Twitter, you know we spent the last four days celebrating Prototyping Week at Figma, with daily releases like landscape device frames and clickable URLs.
#FigmaTip Roundup 10.0
We have a special edition of the #FigmaTip Roundup for you this week folks.
Learn how a Microsoft designer built an internal Icon Library in his spare time
One designer at Microsoft, Jackie Chui, built this utopia.