Dylan Field |
Reflections on Config, our first user conference
When we first set out to organize a user conference, our goal was to create a physical manifestation of the community, a space to have meaningful conversations. Here is a look at some key themes that emerged from those conversations.
Students Who Design |
How Students Who Design set up Figma in their online classroom
In this guide, we’ll walk through how we onboard students, organize our files, teach classes, and provide project feedback with Figma for our online course.
Alia Fite |
How to run a remote brainstorm
The Figma team has been working remotely for a couple weeks now, and we’re still adjusting to our new normal. Here, we share tips for running a remote brainstorm, based on what’s working well for us.
Thomas Lowry |
Extend what’s possible with plugins for you and your team
Get inspired by plugin creators from Uber, GitHub, and Atlassian—see what's possible and start creating your own plugins.
Linda Eliasen |
Finding confidence in design decisions
We have all doubted ourselves and our decisions at some point in our careers. This activity will help guide you through your confidence-building journey.
Michelle Morrison |
The Dropbox guide to building creative culture
Learn how the design team at Dropbox builds creative culture. Get the Team Values Toolkit, along with tips for running the exercise with your team.
Dylan Field |
New ways to create, collaborate, and share more openly
Live from Config 2020, here are all the new features from Figma
Jonathan Widawski |
Test designs early and often with the new Maze integration
Now user testing is easier and faster with Figma and Maze’s new product integration.
John Firebaugh |
Post-mortem: Service disruption on January 21-22, 2020
The root cause of our recent service outage and our next steps
Andrea Helmbolt |
Figma on Figma: How we built our website design system
A look at how the Figma marketing team built, and continues to build, the design system for
Amanda Kleha |
Bringing the community together in Figma
There is a lot we are excited about as we look to the year ahead. At the core of it all is the community.
Clancy Slack |
Measuring the value of design systems
The data science team at Figma set out to find out just how much time (and money) could be saved when teams leverage a design system.
Brie Wolfson |
Made in Figma, 2019: Design by the numbers
What you made in Figma, and how you made it, in 2019.
Carmel DeAmicis |
"The Decade of Design”: How the last 10 years transformed design’s role in tech
The tech industry, which long exalted the engineer, has finally begun to appreciate the designer too.
Sho Kuwamoto |
Design more, resize less, with Auto Layout
With Auto Layout buttons can resize with their text. Lists can rearrange themselves when items are moved around. And elements can be nested to create complex interfaces which respond to their content.
Morgan Kennedy |
Humanity at work: Gusto brings a new brand to life with Figma
Take a look at how Gusto used Figma to create a top-to-bottom brand experience that’s all about people.
Samir Goel |
Under the hood of Figma’s infrastructure: Here’s what goes into powering a web-based design tool
Scaling infrastructure at a fast-growth startup
Thomas Lowry |
Opening up the data behind your design systems
Design System Analytics enables you to see library usage trends, compare libraries, and drill into component usage.
Claire Butler |
Let’s create Figma’s first user conference together
Figma's first user conference will take place on February 6, 2020, in San Francisco, CA. Get involved by submitting our Call for Proposals or filling out our Attendee Application by November 20th.
Dylan Field |
Beyond multiplayer: Building community together in Figma
Today we’re introducing two new spaces in Figma: The Figma Community and a redesigned Figma workspace.
Evan Wallace |
How Figma’s multiplayer technology works
A peek into the homegrown solution we built as the first design tool with live collaborative editing.