Dylan Field |
Coming together at Config 2021
Everything we announced at Config 2021, including new spaces for creators to imagine and iterate, brainstorm, and build—together.
Beez Africa |
Collaborating and connecting in FigJam
Last week, we launched a timer in FigJam, allowing you to stop, start, and pause—together. Take a look at some activities we facilitate with teams across Figma, and how you can get started.
Emily Lin |
Inside Figma: how our PM team uses FigJam
Product Manager Emily Lin shares how Figma’s PM team uses FigJam for everything from brainstorms to retrospectives.
Clancy Slack |
Pride 2021: Getting back out there
Clancy Slack, Data Scientist and lead of the Pride Employee Resource Group at Figma, reflects on Pride month. Learn how we’re celebrating at Figma, and participate by creating a Pride poster in Figma.
Alia Fite |
Embracing the mess at Config 2021
Watch all of the videos from Config 2021, and read on for some of our favorite moments about what it means to celebrate failure, move through obstacles, and embrace the tough parts of product development.
Alia Fite |
Q&A with Dantley Davis
Dantley Davis closed out day two of Config 2021 by detailing his journey to Chief Design Officer at Twitter, and how he channels adversity into impact. Here, we ask Dantley 25 questions, so you can get to know him, beyond the work.
Alia Fite |
In the file at Config 2021
Watch all of the breakout sessions from Config 2021, and read on for a deep dive into the tactics, processes, and systems that keep the teams at Coda and Stripe running.
Hillary Benzell |
Inside Maker Week: more than a hackathon
Starting today, it's Maker Week at Figma. Learn more about this Figma tradition, take a look back at our favorite moments, and stay tuned for more to come throughout the week.
Alia Fite |
Shifting team culture at Config 2021
Last month, we came together at Config 2021, Figma’s two-day virtual design conference. Watch the videos from day one, and read on for some of our favorite moments from the conference.
Alia Fite |
Q&A with Robyn Kanner
At Config 2021, Robyn Kanner detailed her time as Creative Director of the Biden-Harris campaign. Here, we're sharing her keynote, plus 25 quick questions so you can get to know her—beyond the work.
Meagan Gamache |
Introducing branching: space to iterate and explore freely
Announcing branching in beta to better enable collaboration at scale.
Yuhki Yamashita |
Introducing FigJam
Today, we’re introducing FigJam, an online whiteboard for teams to brainstorm and ideate together. 
Saba Munir |
About Figma’s new Starter plan
On April 21, we’ll be making some updates to Figma’s free Starter plan. Ahead of that rollout, we’re sharing what’s changing and what you can expect.
Ben Stern |
Behind the feature: building multi-account
Today we’re launching an account switcher, allowing you to easily toggle between different workspaces in Figma. Product Manager Ben Stern shares what it took to build and ship a (seemingly) simple user request.
David Luhr |
Behind the scenes of creating the official Figma kit for Tailwind UI
How the team at Tailwind Labs created a set of fully responsive components, and what they learned along the way.
Wayne Ng |
Completing a transit map
Build on a work-in-progress Figma Community file and help complete a transit map of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Wendy Lu |
By the numbers: one year of remote work 
Growth Data Scientist Wendy Lu shares a look at how collaboration has changed over the past year, including how teams at Dropbox and Atlassian are moving offline processes online.
Emily Zhong |
Behind the feature: comments, contextually
Engineer Emily Zhong shares insight into how we introduced commenting on files in the Figma Community: interactions, edge cases, and a new paradigm for sharing and connecting.
Alia Fite |
Inside Figma: tips from the team that builds Figma
In a recent livestream, Figmates across teams shared their favorite tips for using Figma, including keyboard shortcuts and templates for every skill level.
Rudi Chen |
Inside Figma: a case study on strict null checks
A look at how we identify and address bugs in a systematic way, through the lens of a recent sprint.
Morgan Kennedy |
Redesigning Dropbox’s ways of working 
Take a look at Dropbox’s move to a virtual-first working model, and how the team uses Figma to brainstorm and build remotely.