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GitHub takes its collaborative culture to a new level
Learn how GitHub uses Figma to build its design system.
We are on a mission to make the best destination on the web for tips on building and maintaining design systems, sample code, design files and stories from the community about design systems.
Our grid pro quo: Everything you need to know about layout grids in Figma
Want to leverage the full power of layout grids in Figma? This article will reveal some different ways to use them, plus share a few handy tips.
We refreshed Figma's UI: An inside look at our process
From typography and layout to color and iconography, you’ll notice a lot of subtle differences throughout the tool.
#FigmaTip Roundup: Spring cleaning edition
The sun is out and the flowers are starting to bloom, which means it's time to welcome Marie Kondo into your Figma account for some good ol' Spring cleaning!
Pairing is the key to evangelizing your design system
When you pair with other designers, you gather high level data about what's confusing, what's weird and what's working well with your system of components and design patterns.
Introducing Figma Time Travel
Take your designs back in time with one click.
Now you can open links in the Figma desktop app
And a few other fun treats for our desktop app users.
Dribbble scores with live design collaboration for its completely remote team
With Figma, Dribbble has one single source of truth for the team’s designs which creates streamlined project management and greater transparency for designers, developers and stakeholders.
The power of Figma Drafts
How drafts helped me embrace a collaborative, open design platform.
When to use groups versus frames in Figma
Not sure when to use a group or a frame when designing in Figma? This guide will help you learn the ins and outs of when to effectively use one over the other.
Imag(e)ine that: A guide to working with images in Figma
Tips, tricks and other things you need to know about imagery in Figma
Design on a deadline: How Notion pulled itself back from the brink of failure
The story of its last-minute pivot and epic comeback.
Best practices: components, styles, and shared libraries
Shared components and style libraries are the cornerstone to producing consistent designs with ease—this guide will help get you up and running with a collection of tips and recommendations.
Bulb shines bright with Solar as its design system
Bulb adopts Figma to build, maintain and host their design system Solar.
Getting started with teams in Figma Organization
This guide will help you optimize your teams in Figma Organization to achieve greater control over visibility, file organization, and user permissions.
Figma raises $40MM Series C round led by Sequoia
Figma announces a $40 million Series C funding round led by Sequoia
Introducing Figma Organization: Our first enterprise-grade offering
Figma Organization comes with Shared Fonts, unlimited teams, enhanced security, and more.
Figma's engineering values
We’re sharing these values as a resource for those who might be interested in joining us someday and an example for folks putting together their own team values.
Organize photo galleries, presentation slides and more with Smart Selection 2D
With Smart Selection 2D, you can now adjust spacing with both lists and grids.
Designing an open financial system at Coinbase
Coinbase designs an open financial system through an open design process with Figma.