Dylan Field |
Introducing new FigJam prices and a more open platform
Today, we’re announcing a number of changes that will help you bring more people into FigJam.
Rudi Chen, Slava Kim |
GraphQL, meet LiveGraph: a real-time data system at scale
Software Engineers Rudi Chen and Slava Kim shares an inside look at how we empower engineers to build real-time data views, while abstracting the complexity of pushing data back and forth.
John Fuetsch |
How (and why) we built branching
In April, we introduced branching as a way to enable collaboration at scale. Today, branching is broadly available on our Organization plan.
Wayne Ng |
What’s new in Figma: September 2021
A round-up of new features, fixes, and capabilities that we’ve added to Figma and FigJam recently.
Alyssa Baughman |
How Elsewhen builds digital products for their clients
Learn about how Elsewhen helped their clients, Spotify and Inmarsat, improve their productivity through collaboration in Figma.
Thomas Lowry |
Announcing Schema, Figma’s design systems conference
Today, we’re opening registration for Schema, Figma’s user conference on all things design systems. 
Hongyi Hu |
Inside Figma: getting out of the (secure) shell
Security Engineer Hongyi Hu explains how the Figma security team built a simple solution for zero-trust shell access on AWS.
Heather Tompkins |
Talk it out in Figma and FigJam
Audio and cursor chat are two new ways to communicate in Figma and FigJam, creating a more immersive version of multiplayer.
Miguel "Miggi" Cardona |
Figma for students and educators
As students and educators start the new school year, Designer Advocate Miggi Cardona shares how Figma can help.
Miguel "Miggi" Cardona |
Rethinking a design thinking workshop for good
How Design the Future used FigJam to bring one hundred high school students together to solve challenges for people with disabilities.  
Miguel "Miggi" Cardona |
FIT’s principles for fostering a collaborative classroom
Best practices from professors at the Fashion Institute of Technology on how to construct a virtual classroom in Figma.
Emily Brody |
What’s new in Figma: August 2021
A round-up of new features, fixes, and capabilities that we’ve added to Figma and FigJam.
Bersabel Tadesse |
Bringing the power of our open platform to FigJam 
We are opening up our platform and inviting all builders to create the first plugins and widgets for FigJam.
Wayne Ng |
Inside Figma: building a more collaborative design process
We asked our product design team how they use FigJam to work closer together as a team, and with their cross-functional partners. 
Beez Africa |
Inside Figma: a Q&A with our 2021 interns and new grads
Beez Africa sits down with four interns and new grad Figmates to hear their advice, learnings, and reflections on joining Figma.
Max Burkhardt |
Inside Figma: securing internal web apps
The Figma security team built out a system to securely provide access to internal applications. Security Engineer Max Burkhardt shares how we built the system, what we learned, and how this fits into our broader approach to security at Figma.
Michael Amodeo |
A Q&A with Figma’s VP of Product
We sit down with Yuhki Yamashita to hear about the road to building FigJam, how things continue to change, and what it means for the future of design and product development.
Emily Brody |
30 updates: recent features and fixes in Figma
We recently launched 30 updates across everything from typography fixes to UX improvements. 
Beez Africa |
How the Figma PM team builds products and processes
A behind-the-scenes look at how the Figma PM team brainstorms, builds, and reflects, and what it means to open their process up to cross-functional partners along the way.
Hillary Benzell |
Inside Figma: a Q&A with our global sales team
We sit down with a few Figmates to learn what it’s like to be a member of our global sales team.
Alek Mackie |
Keeping creativity flowing
Alek Mackie, Senior Illustrator at Shopify, shares his tips for staying creative and collaborative, while having fun along the way.