Ricky Rajani, Willy Wu |
How Figma put the bounce in spring animations
An inside look at how Figma engineers used the laws of physics to bring spring animations to life.
Kris Rasmussen, Samir Goel |
Postmortem: Service disruptions on June 6 & 7 2022
The root cause of our recent service outage and how we resolved it. 
Amber Bravo, Lauren McCann |
Figma and Chromebook: Empowering the next generation of designers
Figma co-founder and CEO Dylan Field talks about why our new partnership with Google Chromebooks is a critical step in making design accessible to all. 
Ted Brown |
Full-scale expression with Grilli Type
Grilli Type's Theirry Blancpain on the promise and expressive ease of variable fonts.
Ted Brown |
A look back at Config 2022
Some of our favorite talks and takeaways from the community.
Rachel Miller, KC Oh |
A step forward in our accessibility efforts
Announcing a prototype screen reader beta as part of our vision to make design accessible to all.
Dylan Field |
Config 2022: Thinking big and acting with urgency 
A recap of 24 hours of Config, and details about all 15 Figma features we launched.
Nadia Hussain |
Figma Community Awards 2022
Announcing the winners of the first-ever Figma Community Awards.
Alia Fite |
The power of emoji
A conversation with Jennifer Daniel on how emoji are selected and encoded, and the big impact of tiny pictures.
Andrew Forbes |
What’s new in Figma: April 2022
A monthly round-up of the latest features, fixes, and finesse we’ve added to Figma and FigJam. 
Amber Bravo |
Good ideas stick
A brief history of washi tape, and why we think it’s the perfect experience to digitize.
Andrew Forbes |
What’s new in Figma: March 2022
A monthly round-up of the latest features, fixes, and finesse we’ve added to Figma and FigJam. 
Dylan Field |
Localization, languages, and listening
How we're expanding our international presence and bringing Figma to more users around the world.
Alia Fite |
The art and influence of motion
Designer Katie Swindler on the power of movement.
Rob Bye |
FigJam for iPad: space to explore and ideate
Today, we’re launching FigJam for iPad to allow users to design more fluidly across form factors.
Dylan Field |
Our response to Ukraine
A note to our community.
Andrew Forbes |
What’s new in Figma: February 2022
A monthly round-up of the latest features, fixes, and finesse we’ve added to Figma and FigJam.
Alia Fite |
Jamming on FigJam: a journey from beta to GA
A conversation with Product Manager Emily Lin on how we took FigJam from inception to ship.
Amanda Kleha |
Design needs everyone: new plans for companies that design together
Today, we’re launching new FigJam plans, along with a new Figma Enterprise plan, to welcome more people into the design process.
Marcin Wichary |
Little Big Updates: dispatches from Quality Week
Stories about seemingly-small bugs, and the art of distinguishing the little details from the little-big ones.
Sula Yang |
Little Big Updates: 32 fixes and features for a better workflow
We recently launched 32 updates across everything from shortcuts to design features.