Wireframing Tool
A free, online wireframing tool

With Figma it is easy to visually communicate your ideas and get feedback.

Quick, frequent collaboration

Figma makes it easy to share wireframes and collect feedback, in real time or asynchronously, by simply sharing a link.

Browser based

Share your wireframes with anyone via a single, live URL that works on a Mac, PC, or Linux. No downloads or installs.

Always up-to-date

Work in the same file at the same time without worrying about versioning or overriding each other’s work.

Contextual feedback

Drop comments directly on your wireframes to provide and recieve instant feedback, in context.

Transform your workflow

Stay in one tool by easily converting basic wireframes in to detailed, high-fidelity components.

Getting started is easy

No matter your experience level it’s easy to get up and running in Figma. You can even leverage our pre-made Wireframe Kit and other assets from our growing community to jumpstart your next project.

Empowering innovative brands

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