FigJam brainstorming tool
Brainstorm with your team

Better products start with better ideas. Explore, share, and riff on ideas with your team in FigJam.

Everything you need to ideate together

FigJam is a brainstorming tool that makes it easy for anyone to join the conversation.

Ready, set, jam: Set a timer and use stickies and shapes to share and group thoughts and ideas.

Sketch it out: Go freehand with the marker to draw, annotate screens, or jot down quick thoughts.

React quickly: Teams can use stamps, stickers, and reactions to flag questions or up-vote ideas.

Brainstorms, but make ‘em fun

Brainstorming software doesn’t have to be boring. FigJam mixes work and play so that jamming with your team is easy and fun for everyone.

Express yourself: With animated emojis, teammates can react to ideas in the moment.

React and vote on ideas: Share the love with built-in stamps and stylish stickers.

Use your words: Add a question to your cursor or hop on a call to chat with your teammates.

Connected to your designs

Figma and FigJam files live side-by-side so you can keep your brainstorms, diagrams, and design files together. Seamlessly copy and paste between the two spaces. And, leverage your Figma team libraries in FigJam for on-brand visuals.

Get started with a brainstorming template

Choose from our collection of brainstorming templates to get started quickly. Or, check out the Figma Community to see how other teams are using FigJam.