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Brainstorming templates

Whether you think linearly or tend to jot things down as they come, use these free brainstorming templates to keep all of your notes in one place.

Figma brainstorming templatesFigma brainstorming templates
Brainstorming template

Discover your greatest ideas yet in a collaborative brainstorming session.

Empathy map template

Keep track of user behavior and attitudes with an empathy map diagram.

5 whys brainstorming template

Figure out the root cause of any problem with a simple "5 whys" template.

Use case mapping template

Connect the dots between user personas and UX with this use case template.

Flow chart template

Organize details in a way that makes sense with this flow chart diagram.

Breakout session template

Discuss concepts in small groups before sharing with the entire class or team.

Compare and contrast chart template

Jot down similarities and differences between multiple strategies.

Kano model template

Decide on your next feature by weighing satisfaction and functionality.

Perceptual map

Get a better grasp of how your brand fits in a market with perceptual maps.

Thumbnail sketch examples

Quickly brainstorm with images to unlock new levels of creativity.

Vision board template

Collect inspiration for all of your big ideas with a digital vision board.

Venn diagram template

Take comparisons to new levels by recording similarities and differences.

Mind map templates

Find your inspiration with free mobile app design templates from our community

Pyramid template

Rearrange ideas and relationships to create a helpful hierarchy.

Content plan template

Perfectly plan your funnel to capture new customers and fans.

Scenario planning template

Play out possible scenarios to get closer to your consumer base.

Crazy eight template

Generate breakout session ideas with a brainstorming blitz.

Product development canvas

Plan personas, strategy, and product details in a collaborative space.

Drawing template

Brainstorm with freeform drawings to spark creativity and collaboration.

Euler diagram template

Analyze the interaction between sets of information.

Website flowchart template

Lay out the traffic patterns of your website ahead of time.

Lotus diagram template

Brainstorm effectively and keep ideas organized with simple lotus diagrams.

What's on your radar template

Strategize seamlessly and make your mark with the help of a radar chart.

Affinity diagram template

Give structure to your initial ideation with a simple affinity diagram.

Product development roadmap template

Go from project proposal to purchase ready in no time.

Ideation planning template

Visualize your next project idea with a brainstorming session.

Four actions framework template

Build your strategy in logical steps that make sense for the whole team.

Lean startup canvas template

Get buy-in on biz ideas with a startup canvas that makes everything clear.

Consumer trend canvas model

Expand on your context map with a comprehensive look towards shifting trends.

Causal loop diagram template

Make a map of your organization's essential connections.

Reverse brainstorming template

Take an innovative approach to problem-solving and glean powerful solutions.

Decision tree template

Evaluate your team's best course of action with a decision tree template.

Bronfenbrenner diagram

Build ecological models and evaluate the impact of systems on subjects.

Moodboard maker

Easily conduct research and find your aesthetic.

Pugh matrix template

Evaluate top solutions side by side in the planning stage.

Mind mapping template

Mind map to help your team land on the best idea

Starbursting template

Shoot for the stars and succeed by digging into your team's greatest ideas.

Ladder of abstraction template

Ensure every big-picture investment decision lines up with concrete problems and solutions.

Backward planning template

Picture your ideal future—and then plan backwards to reach it.

Social media planner template

Sink your teeth into some serious social media standing.

Gap analysis chart template

Make sure your plans and strategies are solid with a gap analysis diagram.

Marketing funnel diagram template

Map out the overall customer journey before improving each step.

Prototyping example template

Use this prototyping diagram to visualize user + product interactions.

Bubble map template

Let all of your dreams and ideas bubble to the surface.

Product requirements document template

Log data, deliverables, and dependencies in a project requirements doc.

Stakeholder onion diagram template

Keep track of important stakeholders and ensure everyone stays in the loop.

Growth experiment template

Put your growth strategy to the test.

Value chain analysis template

Find the value in every link of your product chain.

DMAIC roadmapping template

Figure out solutions to your problems with the Six Sigma DMAIC approach.

Fear setting template

Explore fears—and consequences of inaction—to motivate teams in new ways.

STAR technique template

Evaluate situations, actions, tasks, and results with this STAR diagram.

Product backlog planning template

Stay on schedule and on top of priorities with this collaborative chart.

Study guide template

See greater success in your studies with this free study guide template.

Project retrospective template

Reflect on your completed project to perfect your next project's outcome.

Fishbone diagram template

Visualize the causes or results of an event with a simple fishbone diagram.

Brace map template

Break big ideas down into components and relationships that make sense.

Event storming workshop template

Turn complex sequences into easy-to-understand steps for great performance.

Customer journey map template

Visualize how your customers experience your product, from point A to point B.

Flowchart maker

Share ideas, diagrams, and processes with your team in realtime.

RICE prioritization template

Measure any idea's reach, impact, confidence, and effort.

Sprint planning template

Prepare for another work sprint with confidence and a visual plan.

Spider diagram maker template

Untangle sticky situations with this webbed infographic.

Brand sprint template

Explore your brand values, customers, goals, and roadmap all in one place.

Event planning template

Throw the perfect party for your next product promotion, launch, or fête.

OKR planning template

Hammer out the objectives and key results for your upcoming undertaking.

Argument mapping template

Win your next debate with colorful, collaborative advance planning.

Heuristic evaluation template

Develop solutions through discovery and guided evaluation.

User story map template

Get your users to their a-ha moment faster

A3 template

Find grade-A solutions to any size problem with this collaborative doc.

Pros and cons list template

Evaluate all sides of the equation to make the best decision.

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