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five layer pyramid with unique colors in each layerfive layer pyramid with unique colors in each layer

Pyramid template

Build a solid foundation for understanding ideas and relationships—then reach new heights with your collaborators.

Ancient structures, fresh perspectives

Arrange existing concepts in an easy-to-understand pyramid structure to discover new insights and share them with the entire group.

Make connections: Order your concepts in a hierarchy to reveal how one leads to another for surprising connections and promising opportunities.

Sketch and share: Distill your message into an easy-to-understand visual representation to introduce any new ideato the group.

Improve educational materials: From company training to classroom concepts, build out your educational resources with pyramid diagrams and teach prioritization in a variety of fields.

top of a triangle with star doodles and sticky notestop of a triangle with star doodles and sticky notes
section of pyramid template with FigJam's collaboration toolssection of pyramid template with FigJam's collaboration tools

Watch your pyramid take shape together

Construct your pyramid with our collaborative digital toolbox. Our open canvases, community-built widgets, and audio recording functions keep your team in sync every step of the way. Stack bold ideas on top of bold idesa with Badge, Lil Notes, and Simple Vote.

Level up your next project 

Establish baseline priorities with our pyramid chart template. Then, keep your planning process in tip-top shape with templates from our Community.


To make a hierarchy pyramid, start with a blank pyramid template and decide on a topic. Let’s say you run a DevOps team and you want to build a pyramid that visualizes a hierarchy of users.

First, you’ll want to establish your subcategories, which might be something like:

- Prospective user

- General user

- Active user

- Paying user

- VIP user

From there, you’ll divide your pyramid presentation template into five levels and assign each subcategory to a level based on their value. In this example, you might place prospective users at the base of the pyramid and set VIP users at the pinnacle.

You might take it a step further, using text and arrows to describe how the users can ascend to the level above—showing the causal relationships between the different parts of the pyramid.

Because a hierarchy pyramid template is a visual representation, color coding is a powerful tool for distinguishing between the different sections of the pyramid. It’s also important to keep your descriptions succinct, so your pyramid chart template is readable at a glance. Arrange the levels in your pyramid directionally to follow the basic structure.

A pyramid diagram template is used in wide-ranging contexts including science, business, and personal pursuits. This tool is perfect anytime you’re looking to establish priorities or create a hierarchy. Consider the following applications:

Personal: Gym goers might reference an exercise pyramid to figure out how much time to spend on cardio, strength, HIIT, and stretching.

Business: Team leaders can use pyramids with essential company values at the bottom and aspirational goals at the top to explain organization-wide priorities.

Education: Science teachers might point to an energy transfer pyramid to demonstrate how sunlight moves up the food chain.

Ready to create your own hierarchical pyramid? FigJam’s customizable templates make it easy to divide your next project into manageable priorities.

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