Fishbone diagramming template

Fishbone diagrams are the best way to list out all of the potential causes and effects of a specific event.

What is a fishbone diagram?

Fishbone diagrams are a highly visual tool meant to spark examples of a problem’s root cause. Use this template to create a visualization with your team and see all potential causes at a glance.

Problem solving is a team sport

Whether you’re diagramming a user journey or internal process, FigJam gets your team’s ideas organized.

Diagram as fast as you think: Quickly map out flows with out-of-the-box shapes and automatic connectors.

Leverage your designs: Add screens and components from your design libraries for more context and realism.

Ready to share: Move fast without losing polish. Diagrams in FigJam are presentation-ready.

Ishikawa diagrams

Fishbone diagrams are also known as Ishikawa diagrams, named after its inventor, Kaoru Ishikawa. Ishikawa is considered one of the founders of modern management, having pioneered quality management processes like the fishbone diagram.

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