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Break down complex ideas with a concept map

Use FigJam's free concept map tool to brainstorm, organize, and get a big-picture view of dense, detailed information in a simple visual format.

concept mapping on an online whiteboardconcept mapping on an online whiteboard

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concept mapping made easyconcept mapping made easy

Concept map features
Concept mapping made easy

Everything you need to diagram using a concept map is free in FigJam. Work solo or with your team to break down any concept in a delightful way.

concept maps are endlessly customizable in FigJamconcept maps are endlessly customizable in FigJam

Endlessly customizable

Dial in a dream hue with custom color palettes. Start from scratch to make it uniquely yours, or use our out-of-the-box templates for a quick and easy start.

making concept mapping funmaking concept mapping fun

Make it playful

Make concept mapping a team activity with collaborative features like stamps, stickers, emotes, and high-fives—all fan favorites, only in FigJam!

third party plugins for concept mappingthird party plugins for concept mapping

Turn ideas into action

Transform your ideas into actionable to-dos with task management widgets like Asana, Coda, and Jira.

FigJam helps product teams communicate visually. Especially for early stage product thinking, the FigJam canvas is less restrictive and enables more creativity than a doc.
Vijay Iyengar, Mixpanel, Director of Product

Jump right in with a concept map template

Kickstart conversations and projects with over 300 online templates, including classic concept map templates.

There's more to explore

We’ve got a step-by-step guide, popular concept map templates, and helpful resources from the community.

how to create a concept map cover photohow to create a concept map cover photo

How to make a concept map

To get started with your concept map, follow these 5 steps.

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mind mapping cover photomind mapping cover photo

Try mind mapping

A mind map is a great way to diagram a single idea. (It’s also free in FigJam!)

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figma community cover photofigma community cover photo

More from the Figma community

Check out these mind map resources created by other Figma users.

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Check out other ways to use FigJam

online whiteboard cover photoonline whiteboard cover photo

Online whiteboarding

Collaborate with your remote team to turn possibilities into plans, faster.

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strategy and planning cover photostrategy and planning cover photo

Strategy and planning

Get alignment and turn ideas into actions, from project planning to roadmapping—and everything in between.

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Agile workflows

Facilitate conversations that keep sprints moving forward in stand-ups, retros, and more.

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