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Figma enables us to communicate design across the entire company in a way we’ve never been able to before.
Dustin Tanner, Design Systems Lead at Square

Open, collaborative design

With all of your teams in a shared account you can achieve organization-wide visibility and collaboration across all of your visual communication.

Open Collaborative Design Asset

Better design systems backed by data

Org Wide Libraries
Organization-wide libraries

Drive consistency and efficiency at scale. Easily manage your design systems with shared libraries.

Shared Styles and Fonts
Shared styles and fonts

Synchronize colors, text, and effects across your teams. Make your custom fonts available to your entire organization.

Library Analytics Image
Library analytics

Shine a light on how teams are using your design systems. View library adoption and deprecation to ensure consistency.

Component Analytics Image
Component analytics

Take the guesswork out of library maintenance. See which components are most used and detached to find new opportunities to improve your libraries.

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Create plugins tailored to your organization’s needs

Bring in data, content, or documentation into your design files with plugins. Build plugins for the community, or just for your organization. Easily manage which plugins your users have access to.

Be A Figma Creator
With Figma we can basically deploy a new build of our design system to every designer at the company with two clicks of a button.
Lily Nguyen, Design Engineer at Uber

Security you can trust

Activity Logs
Activity Logs

Increase visibility with records of activities like create, view, publish, download and share actions taken on teams, projects, files, or users.

SAML based SSO
Single sign-on (SSO) integration

Make signing into Figma secure for your company and easy for your users. Integrate with your existing identity management system—OneLogin, Okta, or Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Draft Ownership
Draft Ownership

All files, including user drafts, are owned by your organization and can be recovered when users are de-provisioned.

Link Access Controls
Link Access Controls

Limit the ability to share files via a link outside your organization, ensuring no one can view files unless explicitly invited.

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Simple team onboarding

Default libraries give any employee who signs into Figma quick access to specific team and organization-wide design systems—even company fonts—so they can get up and running on day one.

Orgs Simple Team Onboarding

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For the first time, designers, PMs, engineers can all speak in the same language, in the same location…in Figma.
Connie Yang, Director of Design at Coinbase

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