FigJam diagramming tool
Create beautiful diagrams

Illustrate and visualize user flows, processes, systems, and more in FigJam.

Map user flows and more

Whether you’re diagramming a user journey or internal process, FigJam gets your ideas organized.

Diagram as fast as you think: Quickly map out flows with out-of-the-box shapes and automatic connectors.

Leverage your designs: Add screens and components from your design libraries for more context and realism.

Ready to share: Move fast without losing polish. Diagrams in FigJam are presentation-ready.

Bring in other points of view and get feedback

Include the right people early and often to get on the same page as you diagram out user flows and jouney maps. Get feedback from your cross-functional partners like Marketing or Engineering. FigJam is collaborative diagramming software—inviting someone in is as simple as sharing a link.

Connected to your designs

Figma and FigJam files live side-by-side so you can keep your brainstorms, diagrams, and design files together. Seamlessly copy and paste between the two spaces. And, leverage your Figma team libraries in FigJam for on-brand visuals.

Get started with a diagramming template

Choose from our collection of diagram templates to get started quickly. Or, check out the Figma Community to see how others are using FigJam with their teams.