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The online whiteboard that connects your workflow

Generate ideas, align on plans, and connect as a team in FigJam, the online whiteboard built for company-wide collaboration.

The go-to whiteboard of teams worldwide

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Collaborate from start to finish in one tool

Streamline group projects by bringing your teammates, ideas, and tools together in an online whiteboard.

Sticky notes with reaction stickers on topSticky notes with reaction stickers on top

Brainstorm fresh ideas

Build up and workshop ideas in real time to uncover creative ways to tackle tough problems.

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User journey with product imagesUser journey with product images

Diagram complex flows

Organize your thoughts by drawing or mapping out complex processes and systems as a team.

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Polaroid images of new team members with reactionsPolaroid images of new team members with reactions

Re-energize meetings

No need to unmute: contribute ideas and express yourself in the moment to align faster, connect as a team, and meet less often.

Learn more about running meetings

FigJam used for mapping out chart of team tasksFigJam used for mapping out chart of team tasks

Define and align on plans

Share early thinking, drive decision making, then visualize plans and roadmaps that are easy for others to act on.

Learn more about planning

Kickstart ideas with hundreds of free templates

Find inspiration and get projects off the ground sooner with expert-made online whiteboard templates.

All the features teams need to collaborate

Don’t let the simple, drag-and-drop canvas fool you—this fully-featured whiteboard checks all the boxes.

Cursors with different team titlesCursors with different team titles

Collaborate without limits

Unlimited collaborators: Jam in real-time with thousands of people in the same board.

Open sessions: Invite anyone to collaborate for free for 24 hours—no account required.

Audio calls: Talk it out live with the people in your board in a quick huddle.

Comments and voiceovers: Leave async written, video, or voice notes.

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Sticky notes with timer and music Sticky notes with timer and music

Lead engaging conversations

Spotlight yourself: Guide participants through your file for presentations.

Timer and voting: Keep meetings on track and gather feedback by polling participants.

Tables, timelines, and calendars: Lay out projects visually to get ideas across faster.

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Jira widget pulled into FigJam sectionJira widget pulled into FigJam section

Customize the canvas

Workflow widgets: Bring Jira tasks, dashboards, and more onto the canvas.

Team building widgets: Take selfies, play games, and even add your Bitmoji in files.

Stickers, emotes, and stamps: React in real-time and show teammates how you feel.

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FigJam file used as interior design boardFigJam file used as interior design board

Visualize your ideas

Collect inspiration: Drop links and images, and annotate with stickies and notes.

Diagram: Map out systems and processes with drag-and-drop shapes and connectors.

Draw it out: Sketch ideas with the pen tool or Apple pencil on the FigJam iPad app.

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Numerous integrations listed to work with FigJamNumerous integrations listed to work with FigJam

Connected to the core tools in your product tech stack

FigJam is the only whiteboard connected to Figma, your home base for design.

Plus, FigJam brings your go-to research, data, project management, and prototyping tools right onto the canvas, so you can streamline your workflow.