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Release Notes

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Update, Figma Community, Extensibility

New Community pages layout

Now with Figma’s new layout for Community pages, your resource can stand out amongst the rest. Revamp your resource by adding images and videos (for plugins only) and picking a relevant category to better showcase what kind of resource it is and what it can do.

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Update, Figma Community, Extensibility

Retiring Community Remixes

Users will no longer be able to publish remixed versions of other Community files. Don’t worry, existing remix files will not be removed. We encourage you to continue sharing, collaborating, and iterating as a Community, while creating resources that are as unique as you are.

New release, Figma Community, Extensibility

Download Payout Statements in Community

Monthly payout statements are now available in your Community profile. Just click ‘View payout statements’ under the ‘Metrics’ tab to download a CSV of your earnings on Community.

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New release, Desktop app, FigJam, Figma, Administration, Collaboration

Autogenerated passwords (Professional & Organization plans)

Users on our Professional and Organization plans now have the option to use a password that's been autogenerated by Figma or manually create their own when setting a password on a file.

New release, Desktop app, FigJam, Figma, Administration, Collaboration

Password protection options (Enterprise plan)

Users can now use a password that's been autogenerated by Figma when setting a password on a file. Org admins in Enterprise organizations can choose whether to allow users to create their own custom passwords or require Figma-autogenerated passwords for greater security.

New release, Update, Figma, FigJam, Mobile apps, Collaboration, Design, Extensibility, Prototyping

Little Big Updates season finale: 21 new updates!

The final week of LBU includes a number of updates to Figma’s design editor, our collaboration tools, and the prototyping experience.

22. Font picker on-canvas previews: Now you can preview what a font family will look like on the canvas without having to actually select it from the font picker. Font size and style previews will also be available. Plus, we’ve restored the ability to navigate the font picker with up and down arrows. Learn more about browsing fonts in Figma.

23. Tab to autocorrect typos: Selecting a misspelled word and pressing tab will autocorrect the word to the first suggestion in the spell check list. Learn more about spell check in Figma.

24. Render SF Symbols correctly: Apple’s iconography library, SF Symbols, will now render correctly in the layers panel, frame names, and more in Figma.

25. Snap on text box: We’ve added a snap target to text boxes to help you satisfyingly center them around your text when resizing text boxes from the top or bottom.

26. Snap on container resize: When resizing containers, like frames and sections, they will snap to where the children are centered.

27. Select text in View-only mode: Now when a user has view-only access to a file, they will be able to select text on the canvas.

28. Text shaping updates: Changing colors or other font properties within a word previously caused some of the text to shift, or Arabic text to use incorrect contextual letterforms. This update will no longer break kerning pairs or contextual cursive fonts(including Arabic scripts) when colors are updated within a word.

29. Nested component props update: Now nested component properties are visible in both the component playground and in Dev Mode. Previously, only the parent was visible. Learn more about component properties.

30. Media in comments: Include images and GIFs when commenting in Figma and FigJam. Learn more about commenting in Figma.

31. Expanded emoji reactions to comments: Now you can react to comments with any available emoji, not just Figma’s seven preset options. Available in Figma and FigJam across web, mobile, and desktop.

32. Nominate someone to spotlight: Request for a file collaborator to spotlight themselves so you can more easily follow along as they present. Learn more about spotlighting in Figma.

33. Mind maps in FigJam (coming soon!): Brainstorm and ideate quickly and easily without having to manually create and connect shapes, text, or stickies in FigJam. This update will be available in the coming weeks.

34. Updated mobile app: Find and collaborate on recent files and prototypes while on the go with an improved experience in Figma’s mobile apps. Learn more about using Figma on mobile.

35. Asana widget improvements: Import multiple project widgets into a file at once by copying and pasting an Asana portfolio link. Learn more about using Asana in Figma.

36. Jira widget improvements: Figma’s Jira widget now displays images in issue descriptions. Learn more about using Jira in Figma.

37. Fixing interactions: We fixed a bug with“mouse enter” and“mouse leave” so these interactions now work properly.

38. More reliably positioned edit modal: The prototyping modal now pops up more consistently, appearing upon releasing the mouse after actions like dragging or selecting.

39. Shift to hide edit modal: While prototyping, holding the shift key will temporarily hide the edit modal. Learn more about creating interactions in Figma.

40. Indicate multiple actions on canvas: When“set variable” isn’t the only action available, Figma will add a small shadow to the canvas indicator to represent multiple actions.

41. Follow active frame: While in the inline preview, clicking on the prototype will navigate the user to the frame shown in the prototype. Learn more about playing prototypes in Figma.

42. Sticky scrolling improvement: Now, sticky scrolling can be set on anynode or descendant of an overflowing frame. This means that objects can scroll and then“stick” for a period of time before scrolling again. Learn more about prototype scroll behavior in Figma.

New release, FigJam, Meetings & workshops, Collaboration

Introducing FigJam, now with AI

Give your team jams a boost with 3 new AI features in FigJam. From weekly syncs, to brainstorms, and retros, FigJam's native AI features: Generate, Sort, and Summarize, help your team get going and keep going.

Generate: Generate a FigJam board or diagram in seconds to help you get started. Just ask FigJam AI in your own words to make anything from a meeting template, brainstorm, org chart, timeline, and more.

Sort: Quickly sort stickies in just a few clicks, so you can spend less time organizing and more time uncovering big ideas.

Summarize: Instantly summarize stickies to get clarity on the key takeaways and next steps. You can even grab a quick link to share the summary with others.

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New release, Figma, Administration, Design, Design systems

Team and Workspace Default Modes

Now, workspace and team admins can set default modes for a variable collection. This allows new files within a workspace or team to open with the default variables modes set by the admin. (Enterprise plans only)