Let your creative side run wild with a crazy 8 template

Set aside eight minutes for judgment-free brainstorming, then expand on your brain-dumped ideas with more design templates from FigJam.

stack of cards with the label "8" and a pencilstack of cards with the label "8" and a pencil

Crazy 8 template

Test your doodling skills solo or invite the squad for a sketch-off in an interactive online space.

Innovate with crazy 8 design thinking

Set your preconceived notions aside and express yourself freely—you never know which crazy idea will be the next big thing.

Draft up quick pics: Challenge your brain—and your fingers—to come up with eight sketches in eight minutes.

Draw on the daily: Pull out the crazy 8 exercise in UX meetings, design sprints, or simple brainstorming sessions.

Loosen up: Marvel at every different idea you can come up with when you let go of your limitations.

eight white rectangles in two rows with an eight-minute timer in the upper right hand cornereight white rectangles in two rows with an eight-minute timer in the upper right hand corner
smiley face doodle on a crazy eight's diagramsmiley face doodle on a crazy eight's diagram

Claim your eight minutes of fame

Introduce crazy 8 sketching to your team and you’ll be the star of the hour. When you bring the crew together on a virtual FigJam whiteboard, you give everyone unlimited access to colored markers, drag-and-drop shapes, stamps, and Emoji and Simple Vote widgets.

It’s not crazy if it works

Use the saner-than-you-think crazy 8 method to grease the wheels of creativity and ideation. Capitalize on your new momentum with more design templates from the Community.


The crazy 8 exercise is part icebreaker, part design sprint, and all fun. This fast-paced drawing challenge allows artists and non-creatives alike to focus on a single goal: sketching out eight new concepts. They don’t have to be good. They don’t even need to make sense. All they have to do is kickstart the ideation process.

By going for quantity over quality, crazy 8s design thinking lets you drop all expectations and just create. After all, sometimes the best inspiration comes when you least expect it—crazy, right?

The guidelines for the crazy 8 exercise are simple. Participants start with a blank canvas of eight empty squares, and someone starts an eight-minute timer. When the timer goes off, everyone should have eight new drawings in front of them.

Whether you take a minute for each drawing or manage to make four in the first minute, as long as you have some new ideas, you’re doing it right.

All you need to pull off a crazy 8 brainstorm of your own is a set of eight blank boxes, a timer, and a group of people.

While you can run a crazy 8s exercise in a physical space, the reality of remote teams makes it more challenging. With FigJam, you can let your imagination run wild with collaborators from all over. Download the free FigJam template today, and you’ll have your own crazy 8 examples in eight minutes and thirty seconds.

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