Virtual icebreakers to get you into the flow

From doodling to playlists and team building activities to games, FigJam has icebreaker templates to start meetings the fun way.

Free virtual icebreaker templateFree virtual icebreaker template
Ice breakers enabling connections and collaborationIce breakers enabling connections and collaboration

Playfulness, parity, and plugins

Choose from a range of community-built plugins and widgets to get your team talking. Build rapport on a personal level with watercooler prompts or a quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. And, just because it’s a virtual meeting, doesn’t mean you can’t use cards, dice, and spinners to get the room hyped up.

Teams that play together stay together.

Can’t decide between those classic icebreaker questions or something a little more playful? Get started with these ideas on FigJam:

Mood barometer: As a facilitator, use widgets to build a poll and get an instant pulse check on the team’s energy.

Show and tell: Respond with animated emoji as your team walks through their choice of image or even music.

Two truths and a lie: Test your teammates pokjer faces. Vote with stickies and stamps on what’s true and what’s not.

Ice breaker templates for teamsIce breaker templates for teams
Collaboration in customer journey mapsCollaboration in customer journey maps

FigJam and Figma go hand-in-hand.

Your brand tells a story and that story can live anywhere when you effortlessly copy and paste assets between Figma and FigJam. Whether they are basic elements like buttons and icons or more elaborate like menus and toolbars, your Figma component library remains intact on FigJam.

Warm up with these virtual icebreaker templates.

Choose from our collection of icebreaker templates to get started right away. Or, head to the Figma Community to see how other teams are using FigJam.

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Explore even more templates, widgets, and plugins—all built by the Figma community.

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