Flex your workflow with the agile roadmap template

From the lightbulb moment to the final delivery, FigJam’s agile project management templates keep every player plugged in.

four columns of boxes that represent a project timelinefour columns of boxes that represent a project timeline

Agile roadmap template

Stay on track of your product planning with an agile roadmap template that invites productive detours.

Give WIPs the Midas touch

Tinker with solutions, workflows, and business goals so every product delivers its weight in gold.

Visualize the outcome: Align project snapshots with the big picture and see concepts through to their last coat of varnish.

Break down big projects: Chisel your product strategy into manageable phases to make gains and breakthroughs (without the break-downs).

Fiddle and finesse in real-time: Gather your team, iterate as you go, and deliver user solutions everyone can get behind.

simple project timeline graphic with FigJam's collaboration stickerssimple project timeline graphic with FigJam's collaboration stickers
a sticky note and hand emojis hovering over a project timeline graphica sticky note and hand emojis hovering over a project timeline graphic

Make an impact. Stay light on your feet.

Map your milestones, illuminate blind spots, and keep your internal team and external stakeholders in the loop at every stage of the product pipeline. Widgets like Priority Matrix help you grade each task by effort, impact, and more so you can forecast what’s coming and evolve with your products.


Agile roadmap templates help you—and your team—visualize how a product vision comes to life, from ideation to post-production. Roadmaps tend to cover months or quarters, breaking product development into sprints, iterations, releases, and production.

Unlike other project management frameworks, agile workflows and roadmaps are designed to evolve with your product and your team—incorporating cross-team and customer feedback and real-time data to adjust, adapt, and amplify your impact.

Agile templates can be used as a roadmap planner for any long-term collaborative project—and they’re especially useful when you’re focused on delivering value fast. Built with continual feedback and pivots in mind, agile templates are perfect for complex or heavyweight initiatives and teams that aren’t afraid to flip the script. Assign a product owner to manage the roadmap template, check in on tasks, and make updates as needed.

To create an effective product roadmap you’ll start with your vision: the outcome that will tell you you’ve reached your goal. From there, you’ll deconstruct your vision into milestones, stakeholder duties, and measurable metrics—organizing by color so you can intuit your responsibilities and project progress as you advance.

In agile roadmap templates, you can adjust timelines and collaborate with team members as plans change and new opportunities pop up. FigJam’s free agile project roadmap template brings your team together on an interactive, infinite canvas so you can fine-tune, revisit, and refine your strategy at every point along the product development pathway.

An agile roadmap is focused on flexibility and adaptability, rather than fixed project planning. Collaborate with different teams to understand how product initiatives are progressing, make adjustments as needed, and update key stakeholders as needed. To kickoff the product roadmapping process, consider the following best practices:

  • Ensure all team members understand the overall product vision. Even though an agile roadmap is designed to be flexible, key stakeholders should have a strong understanding of the strategic goals you're working towards.
  • Prioritize key tasks and track progress regularly. As a project manager, make sure to conduct frequent check-ins with team members to understand where different initiatives are at.
  • Stay flexible. Plan to make adjustments to your agile roadmap based on how tasks are trending. Oftentimes, agile roadmaps are used to plan complex projects that require an adaptive approach to keep up with new data, customer feedback, or market changes. Focus on product goals instead of deadlines.

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