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Convert your leads with our marketing funnel template

Whether you’re reaching a broader target audience or reigniting a spark with your existing one, FigJam templates help you create chemistry with customers and ease them through the sales funnel.

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Free marketing funnel template

Throw your entire team in the mix with a collaborative marketing funnel example that visualizes the customer journey.

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Reinvent the wheel with a marketing funnel

Find new creative ways to convert every prospect into loyal customers when you understand how they come across your product or service.

Picture the pathway: Get a visual of how customers discover your brand so you can set new strategies in motion.

Find paying customers: Identify how prospects become paying users and incorporate those insights into marketing campaigns.

Communicate a powerful message: Generate new impactful ideas for how to reach any prospective customer when you see what steps they take.

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upside down multicolored pyramid shape with labels pointing to each sectionupside down multicolored pyramid shape with labels pointing to each section

Perfect the solution together

When you’re ready to transform your marketing funnel, step into our collab lab. Blend ideas and discover new insights with FigJam templates. In a shared workspace equipped with Community-built widgets like Lil Notes and Alignment Scale, find the strongest solutions for every sales problem.

Stronger sales funnel? Piece of cake.

With the help of marketing funnel examples, patching up the sales pipeline couldn’t be easier. Sweeten your sales pitch at every phase with templates from our Community.


A marketing funnel illustrates the customer journey, from the first time they discover your product or service to the moment where they convert into a paying customer or subscriber.

If you’re wondering why a marketing funnel is important, it might be helpful to consider how marketing funnel templates can inspire some strategic thinking. By outlining the customer journey, you can start brainstorming ways to bring more people into the funnel at each stage—whether that’s building brand awareness early on, or creating more tailored campaigns aimed at driving brand loyalty in the latter stages.

To easily create a visualization of a marketing funnel, start with our editable marketing funnel template. Using our customizable example, label each level of the funnel to align with your unique sales process and marketing strategy. With a little teamwork, jot down notes at each stage with ideas on how to drive a potential customer to the next phase of the funnel. Next, share your funnel across your marketing, design, and sales team to source feedback and inspire critical thinking.

Marketing funnel examples usually contain multiple stages to represent how customer experiences develop through the sales process. An example of marketing funnel analysis begins with a broad opening stage and then narrows level by level as qualified leads build familiarity and start to consider buying in.

Most marketing funnels will include at least three phases, in the following order:

Awareness – Your customer first becomes aware of your brand and enters the top of the sales funnel.

Consideration – As they travel into the middle of the funnel, the customer expresses interest in your product or service.

Conversion – At the bottom of the funnel, your customer has built enough trust in your brand to buy in. Congrats! They converted!

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