Visualize who does what with swimlane diagrams

Create swimlane diagrams on FigJam’s digital whiteboard to turn highly complex workflows into clear, distinct processes.

color-coded swimlane diagramcolor-coded swimlane diagram

It's easier done than said. No, really.

Swimlane diagrams are perfect to visually distinguish roles and responsibilities in a project with multiple stakeholders. Start by organizing these components:

Process mapping goal: Use the text tool inside FigJam to add headings, blocks of text, or bulleted lists to describe the goal of your activity diagram (e.g. landing page creation).

Functional bands or work groups: Insert horizontal or vertical swimlanes with shapes to map the employees, teams, and departments that own each lane (e.g. SEO, Design, Development)

Tasks and milestones: Elbow connectors and straight lines can snap onto existing shapes to visualize your sub-processes move through teams (e.g. final copy, low-fi mockup, design, staging)

Anything is doable when you’re in a state of flow.

  • Break down complex processes with a logical starting point. In the landing page example above, confirming page copy is what sets things in motion.
  • Once you delineate who does what from there, every checkpoint follows inevitably from the previous one.
  • If you’re new to swimlane diagrams, duplicate this template below to get started.
stages within a swimlane diagramstages within a swimlane diagram
an example of different diagrams on one whiteboardan example of different diagrams on one whiteboard

Finally, don’t go at it alone.

  • Our whiteboard collaboration tool is built around a multiplayer experience. Simply copy a link to the swimlane diagram or update the link sharing settings to get your peers in there.
  • Spot any bottlenecks, inefficiencies, or redundancies? Let the team add visual feedback on the board with stamps and emotes.
  • View avatars of anyone active on your flowchart and click through to see their actions in real time.

Visual project management for teams that jam together.

Make process improvement quick and easy with these swimlane diagram templates. Or, if you want to see how other teams jam with FigJam, head over to our Community.

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