Find common ground, with the Venn diagram template

With FigJam’s Venn diagram generator, explore distinct concepts—and discover unexpected overlaps and relationships.

venn diagram with three circlesvenn diagram with three circles

Venn diagram template

Create a Venn diagram to instantly show your team how distinct elements compare and contrast.

Meet in the middle

Build a clear compare-and-contrast chart to illustrate the thought process behind important decisions. Then, circle back with chats and emotes.

Contrast without conflict: Organize your ideas in an objective framework to find complications and commonalities.

Compare to share: Use the Venn diagram creator to keep different types of data and insights accessible to your collaborators.

See it to believe it: Visual learners of the world unite—incorporate images into your Venn diagrams to instantly see what works where.

venn diagram with collaboration tools such as sticky notes and waving hand iconvenn diagram with collaboration tools such as sticky notes and waving hand icon
close up of venn diagram with mouse cursor that says good catchclose up of venn diagram with mouse cursor that says good catch

Discover the overlapping area between work and play

Between emotes, cursor chats, and even audio communication, crafting a Venn diagram with your team won’t feel like work at all. Collaborate at every level of your project, taking advantage of FigJam’s community-built widgets to invite new ideas and push possibilities.

Apples, oranges. Who says you can’t compear?

With FigJam’s Venn diagram maker, gain a better understanding of your projects, customers, or team. For more incomparable frameworks, check out our Community templates.


The Venn diagram goes back more than 100 years, so it’s likely you’ve seen them before: overlapping circles that create a football-shaped section between them. Each circle represents a subject’s unique differences while the intersecting space represents any similarity between them.

Let’s sketch out some Venn diagram examples.

One circle represents “product A” and another, “product B.” The product A circle might contain strengths related specifically to that brand while the other circle could contain its own unique strengths.  The overlapping section would then contain strengths that both products share. By closely analyzing products’ key similarities and differences, teams can identify specific opportunities to integrate within their own projects.

Want to compare, contrast, or unearth some common ground? Consider placing products, services, or customer profiles side-by-side in a basic Venn diagram for clear and concise comparison. Then, list ideas or features within the corresponding circles, placing the common words within the overlapping shapes.

Time to make a Venn diagram? Don’t sweat the small stuff, like drawing the perfect circles. FigJam’s free, customizable template allows you to develop illuminating Venn diagrams while keeping everyone looped in on your findings. Plus, FigJam lets you export your template image, so you can easily add it to a report or presentation.

Given their standardized format, Venn diagrams should be relatively easy to read. Each circle will be labeled with the subject it directly relates to, and the words or images inside will belong to each subject. In the intersection of the Venn diagram, you’ll discover the commonality between concepts, aspects, or ideas that fit both subjects.

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