A vision board template to turn dreams into reality

Every great success story started inside someone’s head. Get those big ideas out into the world with FigJam’s digital vision board template.

large rectangle with various shapes on the insidelarge rectangle with various shapes on the inside

Vision board template

Share your vision with the people who can make it happen, no matter where they are.

Keep your goals in clear view

Don’t allow yourself (or your team) to lose sight of the big picture. Utilize our vision board template to prepare a visual representation of your specific goals, so you can make it happen.

Find your fire: Imagine your way out of any creative rut.

Narrow it down: Set your sights on exactly what goal you want to achieve—and how you can do it.

Make it possible: Translate your wildest ideas into an attainable reality with concrete images and goals to refer back to.

two hands forming a heart shape on a mood boardtwo hands forming a heart shape on a mood board
zoomed in section of mood boardzoomed in section of mood board

A clean, intuitive, hassle-free canvas

Vision boarding doesn’t have to involve a messy poster board or confusing design programs. FigJam’s online vision board template is attractive, easy to use, and simple to share. You can even include widgets like emoji reacts and sticky notes to make feedback fun.

Connect, create, inspire

Meetings don’t have to be boring and prescriptive. Make meeting magic and inspire one another with FigJam’s creative meeting templates.


Vision boards are awareness, affirmation, and manifestation tools. They encourage inspiration and can take many forms but are most commonly a collage of images and words that are intended to represent an ideal outcome—a future business, a lifestyle refresh, life goals. Dream boards make it easier to visualize, focus on, and communicate a goal.

The easiest way to create a vision board online is by using FigJam’s blank vision board template. Our intuitive design tools take the hassle out of compiling images into a cohesive, visually appealing whole.

The complicated part of creating a vision board is deciding what you’d like to include on it. It’s an introspective, meditative process that will be necessarily unique to every person. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  • Determine a strong central idea or thesis
  • Get specific—half-baked ideas are harder to make real
  • Surrender to the process (even if that means you feel silly while you do it!)

There’s no single or simple answer to this question. The mental work of discovering what you’d like to include on your vision board is a large part of why vision boards are useful tools. The content of your vision board will be entirely determined by your (or your organization’s) hopes and dreams.

Here are a few general ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

1. Vision boards are primarily for visualization, so start with images. Ask yourself, what does success look like? A happy family, an abundance of money, a cleaner environment?

2. Add words to further contextualize and specify your vision. Consider pulling quotes from aspirational individuals or conventional wisdom and catchy phrases that encapsulate your dreams.

3. Search for content that you connect to visually. You’ll want to reference the vision board regularly moving forward, so make it nice to look at. Choose aesthetic images and cohesive colors.

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