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Figma for Education: Animation Basics in Figma

Animating with Figma’s prototyping tools can help bring your interactions, presentations, and designs to life. In this workshop we will cover how to apply motion and animation when prototyping with Figma. We will cover concepts like transitions, delays, timing, smart animate, and interactive components.

Led by Figma’s Designer Advocate for Education Miguel 'Miggi' Cardona, this monthly demo is for students, educators, teachers, instructors, teaching assistants and those in the ed-tech space who want to better understand how to learn and teach in Figma’s collaborative space. See you there!


Office hours: Figma like the pros

We’re ringing in 2023 by bringing ten Figmates to showcase their favorite features and share their tips and tricks. You’ll hear from Engineers, Designers, Researchers, and more!

Whether you’re new to Figma or a pro yourself, tune in to get an inside look on how the teams who build Figma and FigJam use the tools.


Designers @ Work : profession designer, aujourd’hui et demain

This event is in French

En association avec *designers interactifs* et The Product Crew, les équipes de Figma sont heureuses de vous proposer de revoir l'événement Designers @Work, à la découverte des contours du métier de designer, en 2022 et au-delà.

Entouré d'un groupé d'experts, cet échange bâti sous la forme d'une table ronde et éclairé par l'analyse de deux études -"Emploi et Salaires des designers 2022"(DI et TPC), et"New Hiring Report"(Figma) - a pour objectif de dresser un état des lieux et d'envisager l'avenir de la profession :

  1. Salaires et formation
  2. Modes et contextes de travail
  3. Marché de l'emploi
  4. Attractivité et talents

Pour animer cet échange, comprendre les différents points de vue et répondre aux questions :

  • Amélie Boucher - VP Product Design (D-Edge)
  • David Chirqui - CRO (
  • Virginie Coux - Lead Product Designer (Thiga)
  • Benoît Drouillat - Président *designers interactifs*
  • Lucie Bordelais - Director South EMEA (Figma)
  • Mathias Frachon - co-fondateur (The Product Crew)

Ce webinar à la demande expirera le :

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From browsing to “buy now” – the ROI of UX in e-commerce

Watch this exciting discussion on-demand to learn about how Zalando and PUMA put the user first in their drive to exceed higher customer expectations. They’ll explain how behind every great user experience is a story of cross-collaboration between design, product and development teams, and a determination to make the design process more efficient.

In this video you will learn:

1. What are the key challenges facing the e-commerce sector

2. What UX strategies are driving change

3. How to measure success from a design standpoint

4. How accessibility affects design decisions

5. How the make up of the team can help e-commerce companies redesign design

Watch now and hear from the minds of world-class design leaders.

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How we Jam: How Amplitude makes planning outcome-oriented, inclusive, and fun

Annual planning—it's one of the most cross-functional, critical, and downright messy endeavors that teams take on each year. For Amplitude, building great products and establishing an operating plan for success starts with aligning on a north star metric and deconstructing user journeys. Join this livestream to hear from Amplitude's Design and Product teams about how they democratize the planning process (and have fun while they're doing it) in FigJam.


Comment les équipes design qui performent, collaborent-elles RÉELLEMENT à distance?

This event is in French

Le travail à distance étant devenu la norme pour nombre d’équipes design, comment les organisations qui performent s’adaptent-elles?

C’est le thème passionnant que nous vous proposons d’explorer lors de ce nouvel épisode d’Inside The Minds, une discussion ouverte et en Live où nous aborderons sans tabous, les pièges à éviter et les recettes qui ont fait leur preuve.

Pour en parler, nous avons le plaisir d’accueillir deux managers d’expérience : Antoine Visonneau, Design director chez Yousign et auteur de Stratégies de design UX: Accélérer l'innovation et réduire l'incertitude publié chez Eyrolles, et Michael Baeyens co-fondateur de La Conf Qui Tue Le Game et Head of Design chez France TV.

Venez participer à la discussion et poser vos questions en direct jeudi 2 février, à midi.


How greater collaboration can scale design

When a UX or UI decision can impact millions of customers, it is clear that design has become a fundamental part of business strategy. This is also the reality for the financial services sector, for which the focus on design has become increasingly important in recent years.

Companies in this sector face the same challenges as other industries: they need to put the customer at the center when developing new products and services, improve collaboration between teams and bring the product including stakeholders from across the business closer together. In many companies the sphere of influence spreads wide – from designers, researchers, UX writers to engineers, product managers and more.

In this webinar, we talk to Miriam Leparoux (comdirect) and Jolene Tan-Davidovic (N26) to discuss:

1. The UX design transforms access to financial services

2. How user research impacts product decisions

3. What factors make a design team successful

4. How to measure success from a design standpoint

5. How to scale design teams

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In the file: Game UI Prototyping with the Prototyper Plugin

In this livestream, Aashrey Sharma, UX Designer at Epic Games, will share how he prototypes for game design and share some principles to consider when creating game, or more broadly, focus-based navigation prototypes. He’ll also dive into the repetition involved in prototyping as a way to encourage viewers to address repetition in their work through automation.

Register today to hear about the “aha” moments that Aashrey has encountered while transitioning from designing for mobile apps to video games.


Back to Basics: Design System Grundlagen bei Celonis

This event is in German

Dieser deutsche “In the File”-Livestream mit Matthias Fritsch, Design Lead bei Celonis, bietet Einblicke in die ersten Schritte bei der Erstellung eines neuen Design Systems. Speziell gehen wir dabei auf Grundlagen wie die Erstellung von Farbpaletten bis hin zu abgestimmten Namenskonventionen ein. Matthias wird uns offen über Learnings und Fallstricke bei Celonis berichten.

In diesem Livestream erfährst du mehr über:

1. Das Erstellen einer accessibility freundlichen Farbpalette

2. Die Definition von semantischen Tokens in Zusammenarbeit mit Engineering

3. Den Einstieg in einheitliche Namenskonventionen und deren Abstimmung zwischen Design & Engineering

4. Erste Schritte und Lessons Learned bei der Mitarbeit am Design System: Contribution Model

5. Vor- und Nachteile bei der Verwendung von Plugins/Widgets

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