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Figma for Edu Monthly Workshop: Pen Tools and Drawing in Figma

Join this beginner-level workshop to learn how to make icons, logos, and illustrations using Figma’s drawing tools.

Figma is much more than drawing rectangles and designing apps! It can be used to make scalable art and illustrations alone or with friends. In this workshop, we will cover the vector drawing tools in Figma to create icons, logos, and illustrations you can use for presentations, websites, social media, and to help build your portfolio.

Led by Figma’s Designer Advocate for Education Miguel 'Miggi' Cardona, this monthly demo is for students, educators, teachers, instructors, teaching assistants and those in the ed-tech space. See you there!


In the File: Canyon Bicycles – Kollaboration, Komponenten und Karbonfasern

This livestream will be presented in German.

Dieser deutsche “In the File”-Livestream mit Thomas Stratmann, Digital Product Designer bei Canyon Bicycles, geht auf die besonderen Herausforderungen von Canyon als Hersteller und Verkäufer physischer Produkte ein, die digital präsentiert werden müssen. Thomas gibt uns einen Einblick, wie das Canyon-Team Figma vom ersten Wireframe bis zur fertigen Landingpage nutzt. Außerdem zeigt er, wie UX, UI und Entwickler:innen in Figma zusammenkommen, um komplexe Features im E-Commerce zu launchen.

In diesem Livestream erfährst du mehr über:

- Das Gestalten digitaler Anwendungen für physische Produkte

- Wie unterschiedlichste Stakeholder wie Entwickler:innen, Content-Strategen, Texter und weitere mit und in Figma arbeiten

- Den kompletten Workflow vom Wireframe zur Landingpage

- Die Zusammenarbeit zwischen UI, UX und Entwickler:innen bei der Erstellung komplexer Komponenten und Prototypen

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Figma for Edu Early Career Week: A Day in the Life of Early Career Designers

The ‘Figma for Edu Career Livestream Series’ kicks off with a panel that brings together five early career designers to answer the question “What’s a day in your life like?”

Discover what it's like to transition from education to a career in design. Join us for the 'A Day in the Life of Early Career Designers' as we host a panel of five dynamic designers who will share their experiences, challenges, and tips for excelling in your first design role. Get an exclusive look at what it takes to thrive in the world of design from early career designers at Meta, Dropbox, and more.


Hosting Figma & FigJam data in the EU: FAQs with Figma's CTO & Legal Director

Figma has announced that customers will be given the option to host their Figma and FigJam file data within the European Union(EU).

Register now for this livestream to hear Figma’s Kris Rasmussen, Chief Technology Officer and Jonathan Keen, Director of Legal, EMEA talk through the decision and what it means for customers.

You'll learn:

Why? Data Protection & Privacy Data considerations for EU customers

What? The data types you'll able to store within the EU

How? The technical road to EU data hosting


How we Jam: Mixpanel’s toolkit for coaching designers and building a culture of professional growth

Get an inside look into how the design team at Mixpanel builds internal morale, a culture of coaching, and team trust.

In this livestream, you'll hear directly from two design managers about how they've made the relationship between managers and designers more human-centered. They'll share insights on how to foster a culture of collaboration and feedback, templates for both managers and ICs, and provide practical strategies and tactics to use in your next 1:1!


Figma for Edu Early Career Week: Breaking the Mold, Non-Traditional Paths to a Career in Design

Join Figma's Spring Early Career Week as we spotlight designers who entered the field through non-traditional routes. Get inspired by their experiences and insights on transitioning into design, making yourself successful, and standing out from the crowd. This is the perfect opportunity to learn from those who have been there and done it. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation!

We’ll ask questions like “What was your transition like?”, “What did you do to make yourself successful?”, “What was the most challenging thing about taking a non-traditional path into design?”, "How did you make yourself stand out?" and so much more.


Figma for Edu Early Career Week: Stand Out and Get Hired - A Conversation with Figma's New Grad Designers

Want to break into the world of design? Join Figma's Product Design Team for an insider's look at what it takes to launch your career. In this session, hear from new grad designers on how to curate your portfolio, prepare for interviews, plan your job hunt strategy, and what to expect after you're hired. Stick around for live Q&A and get answers to the questions they didn't teach in school.


Figma for Edu Early Career Week: Building Your Presence, Brand & Network as a Designer

Learn how to build an impressive professional presence, brand, and network as a designer in this two-part session led by Angie Calderón, Early Career Recruiter at Figma. Get expert tips on creating an eye-catching LinkedIn profile, building your online presence, and networking with your community, then put your skills to the test in breakout rooms with other early career designers and students.


Scaling your product development process across timezones & teams

Figma is bringing together executives from global enterprises to discuss how their collaboration workflows have evolved over the past few years. With ever changing environments, from the pandemic forcing remote and hybrid working models, to the financial pressure of the economic headwinds, teams have faced a reckoning to evolve how we get work done.

Join us live for a virtual panel discussion where we will dive into how teams are working across timezones and keeping design, product and engineering in lock-step. In this session, you will walk away with:

- Tactical approaches to creating better alignment through your digital product design process

- Best practices around emerging tools and technology that power collaboration across teams and time zones

- Insights into how teams are balancing doing more with less to drive measurable business outcomes


Figma for Edu Monthly Workshop: Using FigJam and Figma Together to Make Better Products

Figma and FigJam are great tools that go together like peanut butter and fig jam! In this workshop, we will cover some ways to go from the whiteboard to design tools and back. We will discuss how to create and publish your own stickers to FigJam, how to design elements in Figma for use in whiteboard templates, and much more!

Led by Figma’s Designer Advocate for Education Miguel 'Miggi' Cardona, this monthly demo is for students, educators, teachers, instructors, teaching assistants and those in the ed-tech space. See you there!


[On-demand] From browsing to “buy now” – the ROI of UX in e-commerce

Watch this exciting discussion on-demand to learn about how Zalando and PUMA put the user first in their drive to exceed higher customer expectations. They’ll explain how behind every great user experience is a story of cross-collaboration between design, product and development teams, and a determination to make the design process more efficient.

In this video you will learn:

1. What are the key challenges facing the e-commerce sector

2. What UX strategies are driving change

3. How to measure success from a design standpoint

4. How accessibility affects design decisions

5. How the make up of the team can help e-commerce companies redesign design

Watch now and hear from the minds of world-class design leaders.

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[On-demand] Collaboration and the secrets to scaling design in Finance

When a UX or UI decision can impact millions of customers, it is clear that design has become a fundamental part of business strategy. This is also the reality for the financial services sector, for which the focus on design has become increasingly important in recent years.

Companies in this sector face the same challenges as other industries: they need to put the customer at the centre when developing new products and services, improve collaboration between teams and bring the product including stakeholders from across the business closer together. In many companies the sphere of influence spreads wide – from designers, researchers, UX writers to engineers, product managers and more.

Intros video you will learn:

1. How UX design transforms access to financial services

2. How user research impacts product decisions

3. What factors make a design team successful

4. How to measure success from a design standpoint

5. How to scale design teams

Watch now and hear from the minds of world-class design leaders.

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Figma for Edu Monthly Workshop: Make Icons in Figma

Making icons in Figma is easy, if you know the right tools to use! Join this workshop to learn how to make icons using Figma’s design capabilities.

Figma, at its core, is a vector tool that enables the creation of scalable forms and symbols using points and curves. In this workshop, we will explore various ways to leverage vector shapes, boolean operations, the pen tool, and more to create reusable icons. These skills can also be applied to producing graphics, illustrations, logos, and other designs that can be used across different platforms.

Led by Figma’s Designer Advocate for Education Miguel 'Miggi' Cardona, this monthly demo is for students, educators, teachers, instructors, teaching assistants and those in the ed-tech space. See you there!


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