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In the File: Governing your design system

Pinterest’s Ashley Seto and Fidelity Investments’ Taylor Cashdan and Mark Steinruck will provide a behind the scenes look into their design systems and the operations that keep them going.

Office hours: Get started with Variants

Variants are coming soon! Join Figma's Designer Advocates to hear how the upcoming features works, learn best practices, and get your questions answered.

In the File: Designing for 7.8 billion people

Join Maaike Doktor, UX designer at Xablu, and Alejendra Ramos, Graphic Designer at Utilio, as they share research insights and demo the tools their teams use build accessible products for everyone.

In the File: Unexpected design stories

Is it true, anyone can be a designer? Join us as we explore unexpected design stories. From accountants to marketers, see how they are creating and collaborating Figma.

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