Come up with A1 solutions with an A3 report

Eliminate distractions and tackle a single problem—no matter how insurmountable it seems—with an A3 diagram from FigJam.

six rectangles with colorful labelssix rectangles with colorful labels

A3 template

Invite three, thirteen, or thirty people to find a solution on this interactive A3 report template.

Achieve straight A’s in any situation

Assemble a crack team of problem-solvers to master even the most complex workplace issues.

Overcome any obstacle: Focus on a specific problem—whether it’s with people, products, operations, or organizational structure—and solve it.

Tackle troubles together: Develop an action plan everyone can follow, agree with, and contribute to.

Give and take: Create myriad opportunities for learning, mentorship, and leadership.

diagram with three sections of colorful sticky notesdiagram with three sections of colorful sticky notes
three sections of a diagram with labels four through sixthree sections of a diagram with labels four through six

A is for “all hands on deck”

A3 reports are massive undertakings—literally and figuratively. But when you start with an A3 report example from FigJam, you don’t have to problem-solve alone. Bring an unlimited number of partners on board, then develop the ultimate problem-solving plan. Communicate with Lil’ Notes and Emoji, and use ready-made icons and graphs for readability.


A3 reports are large, rectangular documents filled with a series of boxes that give further context to a complex problem. Think of an A3 diagram as the narrative of a problem; it has an introduction to the issue, a summary of its current state, and corrective actions for a desirable outcome.

While most of the A3 report examples you’ll see revolve around problem-solving, you can also leverage this tool for storyboarding, employee development plans, project proposals, and more.

“A3” refers to the size of paper used for the first A3 report templates developed by Toyota. Sheets of A3 paper are roughly 11 x 17 inches and are called tabloid or ledger size in the U.S.

In a pre-digital world, these huge sheets of paper were perfect for cramming in as much information as possible. Today, with infinitely-large virtual whiteboards like FigJam, the name refers more to the process than the medium on which it’s written.

The A3 process hinges on a methodology called PDCA—plan, do, check, act. PDCA encourages all team members to take a step back and fully identify the specific problem before taking action.

When you finally do take action, you’re not implementing the be-all-end-all solution; you’re testing a potential solution. Only after checking the results of your tests will you continue to implement your strategy.

A3 examples rely heavily on this cycle of thorough thought and action.

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