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Explore your biggest project ideas while keeping your work organized and accessible with FigJam’s tools for project management and work plan templates.

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Work plan template

Connect, collaborate, and create lasting success with FigJam’s work plan timeline template.

You have vision. We have plans.

Enjoy smooth operations and swift deliveries with customizable sample work plan templates that power everything from the first brainstorming session to the final test run.

Take back your time: Avoid wasted days when everyone’s up to speed on expected—and unexpected—turbulence.

Plan for the long (and short) term: Balance major milestones with in-reach goals and create a work plan with room for growth.

Discover new pathways: Experiment, investigate, and discover new solutions when you bring multiple POVs into the work planning process.

work plan template with FigJam's collaboration toolswork plan template with FigJam's collaboration tools
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More like teamwork plan template, amirite?

What feels better than canceling plans? Collaborating on them. With community-built tools and widgets, create an interactive timeline, share your reactions, and start hitting your milestones—as a team.

Work has never looked so good

Download the template for work planning and start diagraming the major aspects of your upcoming project. Then, sketch out more success with our Community-built templates.


Work plans are complex documents that contain procedures, rules, and timelines to give a clear idea of the project scope at hand. They can also cover resources, expected challenges, and relevant metrics.

Work plans tend to change with project progress, introducing new components or opening up new possibilities. When you’re creating—or updating—a work plan, it helps to remain flexible and open to creative exploration.

A work plan outlines your goals and what actions you need to take to hit that project goal. Whether you’re working on a project, product, or concept, the work plan is the underlying structure that allows you and your team to identify and meet your milestones.

Work plans are designed to anticipate potential struggles along the way. But they should also adapt to new changes and unpredictable variables. You know, the whole “expect the best, prepare for the worst” thing.

Planning is the cornerstone of any successful work plan. So is reacting and iterating. FigJam makes all of it easy with free project work plan templates that encourage constant collaboration.

If you’re wondering how to create a work plan template, begin with a collaborative brainstorming session that brings everyone’s ideas to the table. After that, whittle down your template work plan so that it contains the brightest ideas and non-negotiable components. Next, map out the deliverables and deadlines and create a project schedule for success.

Your work plan maps your team’s journey—and journeys come with detours and roadblocks—so feel free to refer back to it and revise as needed.

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