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Strategic plan template

Come together with your team to explore a strategic planning template designed to grow with you.

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Your strategy. Your success.

The first step before your first steps? Put together a comprehensive strategy that your team can revisit—and refine—as you work toward your shared business goals.

Share the vision (and the glory): Build a cohesive vision and see it through together—with all of your objectives, milestones, and timelines collected on one shared strategy template.

Get up and running: Save the day from errors and slowdowns with shared templates that are easy and enjoyable to interact in.

Picture this: Scribble, sketch, or integrate an image to provide clarity to a stakeholder or collaborator.

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Put your heads together

Take your communication and cooperation to the next level with polls, games, and widgets that will give your strategic plan a fresh new feel. Tap into community-built tools designed to expand your ideas, bolster creativity, and help you and your team find a new path to success during your strategic planning process.

Chart your own course

Speed along to the next big breakthrough with FigJam’s strategic planning templates. Then, discover other Community-built templates to keep you on the path toward success.


Strategic planning is about outlining the pathways to success and determining what short or long term goals to aim for. A planning initiative may cover large topics like general mission statements, institutional goals, a new vision statement, and company-wide pivots. But strategic plans can also delve into the nitty-gritty, plotting out a singular aspect of a business or project.

Strategic planning steps include developing a position, prioritizing goals and roles, managing the execution of the plan, and reviewing the strategy post-facto. Click here if you want to learn more about the strategic planning process.

It’s hard to find success if you don’t know what it looks like. Strategic planning frameworks allow organizations to understand and communicate precisely what they’re looking for. When bogged down in daily operations and looking toward the future, it’s helpful to refer to your fleshed-out strategic business plan template for clarity and perspective. Help teams stay focused on the overall goal, and assess timelines, financial projections, and action items as needed.

Strategic planning tools invite team members and stakeholders to exchange ideas freely and get organized around a unified vision for their business objectives.

With FigJam’s free strategic planning examples and templates, it’s easy to discover a shared business strategy and goals, visualize processes and outcomes, and tap into essential documentation. On our shared canvas, you can activate—and iterate—a strategic action plan that keeps your org motivated, efficient, and competitive within your market. Download the strategic action plan template to take your next step.

A strategic plan template provides a roadmap for team members to get from point A to point B. Use this template to identify a clear path forward, while keeping your brand's core values front and center. Follow these steps to use this template:

  1. Kickoff the strategic planning process by determining your team's vision statement.
  2. Add in your core values - this is the “why” that fuels your vision.
  3. Include key focus areas - what areas will need additional support and investment to support the overall vision statement? Consider conducting a competitive analysis or SWOT analysis to help inform your focus areas.
  4. Insert strategic goals that are clear, actionable, and measurable. These goals should align with the focus areas outlined above. Ensure goals have associated key performance indicators (KPIs) and deadlines.

Finalize the plan with action items for achieving your goals.

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