Keep it clean with a lean startup canvas template

Condense your brand new lean business model and plan to a single page, then expand on it with myriad more tools and templates from FigJam.

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Startup canvas template

Show off your ideas to mentors, investors, and more on our shareable template.

Lean into the future of your startup

Fill in a lean startup business model canvas and watch as you move from nine employees to nine figures.

Validate your vision: Create a guide using lean startup methodology that will bring your fledgling company to fruition.

Put ideas into perspective: View all of your thoughts and dreams in a single customizable document.

Push past pitfalls: Plan ahead to anticipate common challenges and stretch toward success.

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Go from startup to superstardom, together

Starting a business takes a lot of work—and it also requires a dedicated team. Bring everyone together in a collaborative online lean business model canvas to compare notes via comments, stickies, or voice messages, and create drawings and designs when words won’t do the trick.

You have to start somewhere

Take your first steps as a business with our lean startup canvas template. Keep moving forward by leaning on more documents and diagrams from our community.


A lean startup canvas is a one-pager that captures the essential information about a new business or opportunity in one place. Somewhere between a business plan and a company factsheet, a startup canvas can act as a map in the early days of building a business empire.

Lean startup canvases encourage you to think about vital tidbits that future partners and investors will want to know. While startup canvases vary in their content, typical sections to fill out include:

- Company name

- Value proposition

- Problem

- Solution

- Cost structure

- Revenue streams

- Key performance indicators (KPIs)

- Market

Business model canvas, lean startup—which one makes the most sense? In truth, the answer to this question comes down to personal preference. With that said, the stripped-back format of a lean canvas may be more suited to those setting out on a new venture.

Because a lean canvas gives you all the essentials and none of the fluff, it's an ideal choice for the busy business owner in startup mode.

If you’re short on time—and, as an entrepreneur, you probably are—your best bet is to start with a lean startup canvas example from FigJam. With pre-made templates at your disposal, you can focus more on building your business than building your one-sheet.

In terms of where to start once you have your template, that can be trickier. If you already have a clear vision, you may be able to gather your partners and start filling out each category right away. If you’re still in the early stages, you might find it helpful to just brainstorm about who you are and what you hope to do. With a few of those ideas in the margins of your template, you can start to answer every thought-provoking question in earnest.

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