User Story Map

Get your users to their aha moment faster with Figmas user story maps. Capture user insights with our fully editable, pre-built user story map.

What is user story mapping?

User story maps are a visual exercise to help product development teams prioritize feature requests and backlogs by focusing on delivering user value through the lens of the user.

Prioritize your roadmap with agile story mapping

Agile teams create user story maps to evaluate which features will benefit users the most, prioritize business value to customers, and visually represent project requirements concisely.

User story maps for programmers

In agile development, the user story is the smallest component of work. It removes the software developers from the nitty-gritty details of their work and allows them to focus on the higher-level concerns of the end-user.

Free user story map templates

A good way to identify the user story is to put yourself in their shoes. Choose from a wide variety of visual styles and discover user journey templates on the Figma community.

Online user story mapping software

In the past, user stories have been mapped out on post-it notes or index cards so that they can be moved around easily. Figma enables you to have that same functionality online with a fully editable, pre-built user story map.

When to use a user story map

When you’re building software or a digital product, the ultimate thing to keep in mind is how it will work for the end-user. In the agile school of software development, developers map out user stories as a way to describe software features from the end-user’s point of view.

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