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Say it with us: studying can be fun! (Okay, not so loud, we’re in the library.) With interactive timelines, visualizations, and text badges, FigJam’s study guides make information come alive—for you, your students, and your peers.

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Study guide examples

Lean into your love of learning—and ace that exam—with an interactive, visual study guide template.

Grade-A study guides

Boil down important concepts, build new connections, and stay on top of a semester’s worth of material by creating a study guide template that clears things up for yourself—and every classmate.

Sum it up: Condense large amounts of information into small, digestible chunks to save time and energy.

Clarify complex concepts: Incorporate charts, graphics, and maps to see abstract theories and ideas come alive.

Highlight key details: Jot down the most relevant facts, quotes, and figures to avoid getting bogged down in a textbook’s worth of notes.

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Make the cram sesh a ’Jam sesh

Whether you’re prepping solo, working with a partner, or leading an entire class, FigJam’s Community-built plug-ins make every study session an engaging experience that everyone will want to partake in. On our shared canvas, bring the library online and fall in love with learning together with teams, high-fives, and flashcards.

Top-of-class templates

Secure top marks with a succinct study guide. Then, graduate to Community templates that will keep you organized throughout the year.


A study guide is a document that teachers and students use to get ready for upcoming assessments. Effective study guides usually cover topics that have been covered in lectures, lessons, and reading that will likely pop up on tests and quizzes—homing in on the most valuable and relevant material.

Study guide online templates often include sections with fill-in-the-blank responses, multiple-choice questions, graphs, charts, and diagrams. But the complexity and style of your study guides might depend on factors including the scope of the assessment, the class you’re taking, or the number of students using the document.

If you’re interested in improving the learning process for yourself, your peers, or your students, FigJam’s free study guide template can help you create the perfect study tool for prep.

Whether you teach elementary students and are looking for a simple visual study guide or you’re cramming with fellow doctoral candidates before a major exam, you can easily customize our blank study guide templates to suit your learning style.

A comprehensive study guide can become a go-to resource throughout your academic journey. So what if you want to reference a shared study guide in an upcoming paper or presentation? You can reference study guides by making in-text citations throughout the paper or at the end of your essay in the bibliography section.

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