Generate endless solutions with our ideation template

Eject your inner critic and get your creative juices flowing by tossing out as many ideas as possible—then digging deeper into each one—with this team-oriented brainstorming tool.

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Ideation template

Combine your collective brainpower and come up with as many unfettered initial ideas as you can with this fun, interactive tool.

Quantity over quality (no, seriously!)

Challenge your team to leave doubts at the door. When it comes to this ideation framework, all fresh ideas make the cut—until it’s time to cut through the noise and find the best option.

Benefit from brevity: Empower your collaborators to share draft ideas quickly and clearly with the whole team.

Summarize succinctly: Make space for many ideas with brief overviews of each solution.

Collaborate considerably: Discover and digest new ideas easily—within or between teams.

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Daydreamers wanted

Even with your heads in the clouds, your team can explore new frontiers, establish air-tight concepts, and ground your ideas in reality using this collaborative ideation outline. Thanks to built-in widgets like Flip Card and Jira, the FigJam forecast predicts a downpour of creativity headed your way.

Ideate, innovate, invigorate

Collect endless ideas to shape and build on with our team ideation template. Then, take your favorites to unseen heights using other Community-built resources.


Design sprint ideation is a fast-paced, unedited brainstorming technique where the whole team jots down as many topic-specific ideas as possible, before diving deeper into each to identify problems, preemptive solutions, and additions. Not only will the whole team get a chance to cross-pollinate and summarize their ideas, but you’ll be left with generous options to choose from as you settle on your next pursuit. When it comes to design thinking, ideation templates provide an invaluable jumping-off point.

FigJam’s project ideation template makes it simple to record and organize this influx of creativity—invite the team together in-office or on our virtual whiteboard and use this free, customizable ideation workshop template to get started.

The four methods of ideation are:

1. Brainstorming – Verbalize ideas out loud as they pop into your head.

2. Brainwriting – Write out ideas as quickly as they come.

3. Braindumping – Pour every distracting thought and concern onto the page to better focus on the task at hand.

4. Brainwalking – Mobilize the team by setting up various notepads around the room—or in various corners of your infinite virtual whiteboard—for recording different ideas.

These four techniques can be used all together or individually in conjunction with a product ideation template, so be sure to try them all to see what works best for your collaborators.

Keep your ideation sessions fresh and productive with these three necessities as your foundation:

1. Structure – Perhaps counterintuitively, a structure can help guide abstract sessions toward concrete solutions. Time limits on brainstorming, ideation templates, and breakout groups are three structural tools that keep the ideas coming with efficiency in mind.

2. Leadership – All the best brainstorming sessions rely on a knowledgeable leader to keep the conversation focused and effective. Choose a team member to brush up on ideation structures and techniques before the group comes together; you’ll all appreciate a guiding voice to facilitate your creative frenzy.

3. Idea-generating strategies – Mix up your ideation style to unlock new results. Keep colleagues engaged and on their toes with one of the four methods of ideation described above. Answer “How Might We…” questions and engage in reverse brainstorming to arrive at fully thought-through solutions—you’ll find a whole new batch of ideas at your disposal.

Download FigJam’s ideation session template today and start daydreaming.

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