Become a social butterfly with our social media planner template

From viral Tweets to visionary TikToks, FigJam’s social media calendar planner keeps your online presence on track for multiple platforms.

monthly calendar with a large speech bubble monthly calendar with a large speech bubble

Social media planner template

Delegate DM duties and daily tasks to anyone on the squad to create an effective social media strategy with a shared social media planner calendar.

Plan for every platform

Stay on top of ever-changing social network trends and keep your content consistent with a social media planner, free from FigJam.

Stave off stress: Bid farewell to those last-minute “what should we post today?” texts.

Vary your online voice: Make the most of every platform’s unique features by inventing and implementing different content strategies.

Capitalize on celebrations: Prepare a poignant post for every holiday, sale, and product release on every social media account on different platforms.

monthly calendar with color coded days and a star and heart emoji over the topmonthly calendar with color coded days and a star and heart emoji over the top
smiley face, heart, and thumbs up emojissmiley face, heart, and thumbs up emojis

Unleash your inner influencer

Create an always-up-to-date content calendar and timeline for all your eye-catching pics and posts to amplify your social media presence. Bring the whole creative crew to the table through in-document feedback, group polls, Badge, Markdown Notes, and more.

Become a social media mogul

Plan the perfect posts ahead of time to curate a noteworthy narrative. Make those posts pop with more ready-made templates from our Community.


The first step to a successful social media plan is an easy-to-navigate calendar. Step one is already complete when you start with a social media content planner template from FigJam, step one is already complete—you’ll have a comprehensive layout at your fingertips.

Once your calendar is ready, it’s time to think about your overall social media strategy. When developing your approach, it’s worth thinking about:

Content pillars – The idea behind “content pillars” is to create overarching categories for your posts, ensuring everything you share brings value and furthers your overall goals. For example, you might decide on three pillars: educational, community-building, and promotional. Every piece of content should then fall into one of these three content buckets.

Post frequency – How often do you want to post? Striking a balance can be challenging; you want to share enough that your audience sees you on the regular but not so much that they experience fatigue. Look at what your competitors are doing as a starting point.

Now, all that’s left is to create exciting, engaging content and publish it on schedule. To begin, download FigJam’s free social media planner example and welcome new followers into the fold.

There are three main concepts to consider when planning posts:

Content distribution – Where, when, and how often will you share content? Will you rely on organic reach alone? Or will you pay to promote your posts to a wider audience?

Brand focus – How do you want users to perceive you? What is your brand’s voice? A brand guidelines template can help you answer these questions.

User experience – What kind of content will resonate with your fans or customers? How should their journey unfold when they stumble upon your page? What’s the intent behind the search that leads them to you?

Ideally, your social media content calendar planner should include the following details for each post:

- The chosen social platform

- The scheduled date for the post

- The caption (including any relevant hashtags)

- A link to the content or brand asset you’ll be posting

- Notes about the post (engagement goals, which “pillar” it falls under, etc.)

The more detail you add to your social media post planner template, the easier it is to stay on track—and the more likely you are to become an online sensation.

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