Workshop your way to clear skies with an event storming example

Understand the relationship between various domains, users, and outcomes in your business process with this team-oriented brainstorming technique.

four squares along a horizontal timelinefour squares along a horizontal timeline

Event storming example 

Identify key players and visualize internal processes when you collect project-wide input using this color-coded chart.

There’s a storm of information brewing

Break down software development programs into a self-explanatory sequence or hash out the steps involved in getting your startup off the ground. An event storming session enlightens the whole team.

Pour it out: Quickly summarize business processes in the span of a workshop.

Check the weather: Visualize and develop all aspects of your system with this communicative brainstorming method.

Make a splash: Engage everyone from developers to non-technical users and stay on the same page.

various steps along a horizontal timeline with FigJam's collaboration toolsvarious steps along a horizontal timeline with FigJam's collaboration tools
several colorful squares connected by linesseveral colorful squares connected by lines

Bring everyone under the same umbrella

Even on the (brain)stormiest days, there’s room for everyone on FigJam’s event storming template. Make the most of this fast, effective exercise with fast, effective tools and collaborative widgets that capture the magic of an in-person meeting like cursor chats, Lil’ Notes, Simple Vote, and Emoji.

When it rains (free templates), it pours (actionable insights)

An event storming workshop is just the start. From brainstorming techniques to customizable diagrams, explore a deluge of free Community tools and templates.


Unlike other team-oriented brainstorming techniques, event storming is a group modeling process specifically made for workshops. When you dedicate a specific meeting—and invite the right people—to this fast-paced exercise, you can communicate complex aspects of your business process quickly and effectively.

So, what is event storming? This meeting tool visualizes the steps in an internal process without relying on viewers to understand highly technical or intricate details. The goal is to quickly display complex systems in a manner all attendees understand so that every participant, from consumer to stakeholder, can stay on the same page.

While event storming is traditionally used to visualize software program domains without depending on technical models, this versatile brainstorming tool can break down any business system. From the development of a product to the user experience at your storefront, event storming flexes to fit your workshop’s specific needs.

Ready to get started? Begin by downloading FigJam’s free event storming tool, which guides you through the process. You’ll want to invite every participant involved, like stakeholders and developers, to this engaging summary of internal processes. Together you’ll explore cause and effect sequences for overall comprehension that doesn’t require in-depth knowledge.

After event storming, you can expect your project’s progress to accelerate, thanks to these common event storming benefits:

- Shared understanding within the team of complex processes

- A different perspective thanks to universal comprehension

- Expertise from each involved party

- Clear forward movement based on feedback

Event storming workshops are also a great way to inspire collaboration between departments that generally don’t interact. Don’t be surprised if new projects or partnerships emerge from this all-hands-on-deck session.

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