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Make your next project pop with a bubble map template

Visualize offshoots from a central concept with a bubble diagram maker, then expand on those ideas with more templates from FigJam’s collection.

bubble map diagrambubble map diagram

Bubble map template

Use our editable bubble map template to flesh out any idea with any teammate.

Let the good ideas bubble up

Don’t allow creative burnout to burst your bubble—use a bubble map to refresh your brainstorming session with simple graphics.

Explore more: Start with a central idea or theme, then dive deeper into the ins and outs by expanding outward.

Do away with distractions: Harness no-nonsense visual aids to bring brain-calm to your brainstorm.

Elaborate endlessly: Describe a person, place, or thing with an endless number of adjectives.

four circular prongs of a bubble map diagramfour circular prongs of a bubble map diagram
bubble map diagram with FigJam's collaboration toolsbubble map diagram with FigJam's collaboration tools

Brainstorm with your bubble

A meeting of the minds is always better with more minds. With a bubble mapmaker from FigJam, you can ideate with your inner circle in one place. Move ideas around with ease on a limitless canvas, and react to the best suggestions with stamps, emotes, stickies, and more.

Bubble, bubble, no more trouble

Say goodbye to writer’s block when you take your bubble map online. Eliminate the rest of your pesky problems with other creative tools from the FigJam community.


A bubble map is a brainstorming diagram. It’s made up of one central circle that branches out into an array of connected ideas.

To paint a clearer picture, here’s a simple bubble map example. Imagine you need to come up with all the best things about pizza. You’d place “pizza” in the center bubble, then surround it with bubbles full of attributes—cheesy, delicious, perfect-for-parties, and so on.

While you’ll probably use your bubble map for something more pertinent, you should at least get the gist (and a craving for pizza) from this imaginary scenario.

Bubble maps make it easy to see all the qualities or details associated with a central bubble which can be an object or concept. You start with your main idea in the middle, then surround it with related words.

Because bubble maps rely on a single shape and a familiar format, they make the content of a brainstorming session super digestible—both in the moment and after the fact. The simplicity of the bubble map allows you to use it for anything from telling a story to developing a new product.

Making a bubble map graphic organizer is a breeze. Simply start with your main idea in the middle, and create a new bubble nearby for each new idea. Connect each secondary circle to the primary bubble with a line, and you’re all set.

If you’re bursting with ideas and time is of the essence, try starting with a bubble map creator from FigJam. With drag-and-drop shapes and connectors, helpful widgets, and bubble map examples at your fingertips, you’ll have everyone bubbling when they see how amazing your finished product looks.

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