Find strength in smaller numbers with a breakout session template

Split a massive meeting into several smaller ones to capitalize on all the available brainpower, then act on your ideas with more FigJam templates.

four colorful folders over a purple backgroundfour colorful folders over a purple background

Breakout session template

Facilitate a team breakout session in a collaborative online space—no matter how many team members you have.

Don’t freak out—break out

Eliminate the pressure of company-wide conference calls by creating bite-sized breakout rooms.

Make meetings manageable: Set up smaller groups to keep your gatherings efficient, productive, and on track.

Take action together: Record your group’s thoughts so you can come back from your team breakout with dozens of actionable ideas.

Encourage engagement: With more intimate meeting rooms, everyone can feel comfortable participating.

purple square labeled Group 1 and overlayed with three sticky notespurple square labeled Group 1 and overlayed with three sticky notes
four colorful boxes each labeled group 1, 2, 3 or 4four colorful boxes each labeled group 1, 2, 3 or 4

Smaller groups make bigger moves

Give your groups the tools they need to succeed with FigJam. Each individual can draw and design with markers and shapes, and share their thoughts with a Poll or Simple Vote—all within an interactive virtual whiteboard space.

Break out to break the mold

Use breakout rooms to leave your next meeting with countless out-of-the-box ideas. Turn those new ideas into newsworthy ventures with templates from the FigJam community.


While anything can happen in a breakout session, the idea is to take advantage of smaller group sizes to give everyone a turn to speak. Each group runs a mini brainstorm or problem-solving session, ideating on the topic of the meeting in a more efficient manner.

In a meeting of 40+ people, it’s impossible for everyone to voice their opinion. But when you move to a conference breakout session, ideas can flow from each and every person present.

To set up a breakout session, start by dividing your meeting members into several equal-sized groups. Your final tally will depend on the number of people (and the time allotted to sharing ideas post-breakout), but groups of four or five work well.

If you’re all in person, you can direct each new group to find a quiet space to brainstorm. If your meeting is virtual, you can use your video conferencing software to create separate meeting rooms. No matter how you’re meeting, give each group a template to record their ideas.

Looking for virtual breakout session ideas to ensure a successful split-up? Here are a few suggestions:

- Use a timer – A fixed amount of time keeps your breakout sessions productive.

- Check on your groups – If possible, have the meeting facilitator jump between rooms. By spending a few minutes with each group, the breakout organizer can ensure that the participants are on task and answer any questions.

- Start with a template – A blank page is so uninspiring that attendees will waste their first few minutes deciding how to format their ideas. When you start with a template from FigJam, you give your groups a structured environment full of colored markers, simple shapes, emotes, and breakout session examples. Let the breakout begin!

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