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Customer Journey Map

Visualize how your customers experience your product, from first discovery to loyal customer
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User story mapping

What is customer journey mapping?

A customer journey map is a powerful tool that helps visualize the key interactions of a customers product experience, from initial product discovery to product purchase and customer retention.

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Why create a customer journey map?

A customer journey map is a powerful tool, designed to give insights into a users motivations. By visualizing the emotions and goals of a user you can identify gaps and discover meaningful customer insights.

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Start making customer journey maps in Figma today

Sharing is simple
Sharing is simple

To share a file with anyone, just share a link. The file will open in the browser, ready for collaboration.

No Installation Required
No installation required

Figma lives inside the browser which means there is nothing to install. Jump straight into the file and get to work.

Figma is free
Figma is free

This customer journey map is built on top of Figma, a free design tool used by top design teams like Uber, AirBnB, and Twitter.

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