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Customer journey map

Visualize how your customers experience your product, from first discovery to loyal customer.

What is customer journey mapping?

A customer journey map is a powerful tool that helps visualize the key interactions of a customer's product experience, from initial product discovery to product purchase and customer retention.

Why create a customer journey map?

Customer journey maps are designed to create a shared understanding of your user's motivations. By visualizing the emotions and goals of a user you can identify gaps and discover meaningful customer insights.

How to create customer journey maps

With Figma, you can edit our pre-built template to customize customer journey maps for every situation. Simply double-click various elements to change colors, edit text, or add new content.

Free journey map template

If you’ve never created a customer journey map before, a template is a great tool to help you start understanding the various ways a customer may interact with your brand.

Why customer journey maps work

Customer journey maps are effective because they place you in the shoes of your customer. Set a simple, clear objective: for instance, if your end goal is for a customer to make a purchase, you need to go through all the steps until that point. How do they hear about the product? Do they click an ad? Do they go to your website and browse? Do they read reviews? Do they make a purchase? Are they happy with their purchase? As you answer these questions, your journey map will unfold.

Definition of a customer journey map

A customer journey map is a diagram or series of diagrams that delineate the steps people take when interacting with a company in different ways.

Journey mapping in real life

When you have a business, it’s necessary to have policies and procedures in place to ensure customer satisfaction in various spheres. Whether a customer is purchasing products, reaching out to customer service, or posting about bad experiences on their personal social media, you need to have standards in place on how to react. A customer journey map helps you anticipate any issues.

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