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From user personas and customer journeys to HEART frameworks and empathy maps, FigJam templates let you understand what drives your audience like never before. Stay a step ahead with consumer trend reports.

six rectangles in two rows with a white circle on the right sidesix rectangles in two rows with a white circle on the right side

Consumer trend canvas template

Perform consumer trend analysis with your associates on an interactive shared whiteboard.

Less hesitation, more innovation

Don’t just stay ahead of the game—write the rules. The better you understand the current consumer climate and the customer expectation, the easier it is to disrupt it.

Know your audience: Analyze what’s happening in your market.

Stay hip: Be a leader, not a follower; hop on trends before they hit the mainstream.

Change the world: Encourage consumer-centric innovation that brings real value to your soon-to-be devotees.

four colored rectangles with FigJam's collaboration toolsfour colored rectangles with FigJam's collaboration tools
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Canvas with your crew

Analyze consumption trends to your heart’s content to target underlying needs with a buffet of built-in collaborative features. Create your canvas on a never-ending online canvas and fill it with the help of interactive widgets like stamps, emotes, and Lil Notes.

Keep your consumers content

Make informed innovations that spark surprise and delight. For more ways to improve your customers’ and potential customers' lives, see what else our Community has dreamt up.


There are two sections to fill out in a typical consumer trend report: one that prompts your analysis of the trend and one that asks how it applies to your business. Under the analysis section, you might fill out:

Basic needs – What are the bare necessities that this trend addresses?

Drivers of change – What is triggering the current trend?

Emerging expectations – What expectations are this trend creating

Inspiration – What are competitors doing in the same arena?

When it comes to the application section, you may be looking at:

Innovation potential – Where and how could this new trend be useful to you?

Who – To which demographic can you apply the trend?

The innovation – Based on all the other categories, what is your new idea that will change the game?

When you start with a template from FigJam, all you have to do is fill in the blanks! With handy widgets and consumer trends examples at your fingertips, you’ll know your niche’s needs in no time.

If you were to do a consumer trend analysis of, say, the auto industry, you might start by looking at sales data and forecasting for the upcoming year. From there, you might look at factors like new technologies that allow you to innovate (drivers of change), the demand for eco-friendly vehicles (emerging expectations), and how other car companies are shaking things up (inspiration).

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